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  1. That's sweet, I have a set of plans that are ready for me to find time. I ended up with a box that's the right size for my sub and I left the room to add around it to dress up as needed. But hey thanks for the info you have a nice setup and U.S. Crew cab guys have to sacrifice the center console to get a good sub and box to fit.
  2. Thanks that gives me a good idea on where to start. just one more thing, I am planning to do a ported box and have the room to aim the port and sub in any direction, are there any parameters on the way to face the port and woofer, such as how far should the space from the bottom of the box to the floor be. Or is there anyway of knowing which way to aim either of the two. One back one down, both down, etc. or is it just trial and error.
  3. I'd like to put a sub in my truck and there's not much room behind the rear seat of my crew cab, I've not been able to find any information on people building these. Any thoughts would help.
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