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  1. That's sweet, I have a set of plans that are ready for me to find time. I ended up with a box that's the right size for my sub and I left the room to add around it to dress up as needed. But hey thanks for the info you have a nice setup and U.S. Crew cab guys have to sacrifice the center console to get a good sub and box to fit.
  2. Thanks that gives me a good idea on where to start. just one more thing, I am planning to do a ported box and have the room to aim the port and sub in any direction, are there any parameters on the way to face the port and woofer, such as how far should the space from the bottom of the box to the floor be. Or is there anyway of knowing which way to aim either of the two. One back one down, both down, etc. or is it just trial and error.
  3. I'd like to put a sub in my truck and there's not much room behind the rear seat of my crew cab, I've not been able to find any information on people building these. Any thoughts would help.
  4. Thanks for the reply it's going in a 2004 f250 crew cab. The old box were trying to replace is in the middle of thr front seats , so there is 30-35 inches from front to rear long and then between the two seats there is 16-18 inches it can be 15-17 inches tall. The old box is a down fire with the port towards the rear. If possible I would like it to fire to the rear if it would be better the port as we'll . Thanks for the input, the old box worked good just it seems to be tuned to around 47 hz would like it lower. Thanks for any help.
  5. The research I've done show there the same as image dynamics idmax in different forums so I don't know ?
  6. Am I asking something wrong? Are these parts junk? I just could use some help or we're to find some anyone?
  7. I'm building a box for my sons truck. He has an Arc audio Flatline 12" and an Arc 1200 watt amp. It's in an off the shelf box that's coming apart at the seams so he wants help with a new one. He has room for 16x30x15 between his seats and would like it ported in the low 30hz area. The specs are on the Arc Audio page, any help on designs would be great. Sorry I don't know how to post any info on specs for the sub it's an FL12 .
  8. Ok I'll keep with my original plans thanks again. I'll let you know how it turns out.
  9. That's perfect, would it work with a Sundown x 10 also I may scrape up enough if it would be better thanks very much for the help.
  10. If a 10" in sub would work better im up for that, I guess I need help with a box design I can have one built or do it myself.
  11. Yes it's for my daily driver. I have a arc audio Ks-1000.1 running at 2 ohms and am getting a Sundown sa-12d4 if you have a different suggestion it would be great. I listen to all music. Thanks for the help.
  12. I re - wrote it was in a hurry before anymore help would be great
  13. So all of you out there have no help for me I thought someone would have some insight maybe not?
  14. I'm looking to build a center console in my truck , I have 22"L x 16"W x12"H to play with . Which size sub would work with this size box, and could it work with a rear firing sub and a rear firing port?
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