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  1. wife just popped out kid number 2 about 30 days ago. so this will be his in a few years to run. As far as equipment i am running (2) DC lvl 3 12" subs and an American Bass ph4000 in my Blazer. so i will just remove one sub and amp for now to run in the firetruck at shows. Until it comes time to upgrade my blazer. Then the equipment will stay in there. I am debating about doing this on the side. so if anyone needs something build for their kids or has questions just shoot me an email. Surprisingly these powerwheels are very easy to fix up and repair. I buy the ones off craigslist that have small damage and repair them.
  2. thanks for the props. it has definally been a fun build. and little man loves to drive this all over the place. now this one is built just for MidwestSPL since the meter is 3" above the window/dash line. So he is able to be competitive in USACi and MECA, i am building a 2nd powerwheel using a single 12" sub. In both of these organizations the meter is put in the kick panel. So this is going to be a forth order build. with a plexi glass access cover for the sub Approximate box design And what it will be going into
  3. will it depress you even more saying i did a quick test on it, and it did a 161 at 38 hertz on a termlab with 800 watts. But that is the mic right outside the port. The box is way to big at 1.3 cubic feet. so i am going to drop it down to about .75 so i can get the frequency up to mid 50's and hopefully produce a better number. In Midwest SPL the meter is put 12" out of the port so i still have a lot of testing to do and get it dialed in
  4. went out for a little test ride after i got everything put back together, the port can face any direction, hence why it is facing backwards while he drives it around our subdivision. First show is this weekend so we will see what number he puts up. but right now it is tuned around 38hertz. I will probably have to fill the box in some to get less square footage. that way the port length will help me get it tuned to mid 50's
  5. So since we had another round of sleet and snow over the weekend I spent some time Sunday playing with this project. Rules state the meter is placed at the face of the windshield/dash area of the Powerwheel and has to be 12" from the port. So to concentrate the air coming out of the meter I went from a 3" port down to a 1/2" port. Should give a nice jet stream of air right into the meter. This will just be for competing. For daily play the elbow and 1/2 port will twist off for normal listening. Also is a shot under the hood since a lot of people are asking what kind of battery I run.
  6. I dont have a video if the new systwm yet, still a few items to finish. As far as the battey it runs off a Shuriken 35 amp hour battery. Its just what i had laying around. Here is a video if the old setup with (1) Atomic 8. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dU2GJp72MkI Best spl score i could get is a 153.8, the meter was placed 12" from the port
  7. Here is a front of the powerwheel showing the amp as the grill. In this picture i was running an old American Bass cx-1500. I just traded that amp for a new American Bass VFL 80.1 I am trying to keep this build simple by just swaping out old equipment for new equipment. The only money i have into it is a sheet of birch and vinyl graphics. I might eventually get a higher rated amp, but as i said this is just for fun. and until there are other kids competing around here i am not going to invest alot of money into it
  8. as a thank you gift for designing and building a box for local guy running (4) 15 lvl5 and (2) 5k's. i was now the new owner of a couple M3 8" subs. So i figure what better what to show these off than throw them in my sons powerwheel. Here is the almost finished product. Still need to hook up the amp and headunit. but you get the idea Top view showing the (2) 8's and a 3" port and the seal of approval from my 4yr old after he helped me wire the subs Hope you enjoy
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