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  1. Thanks for all the opinions guys Looks like the general consensus is that it's not too bright, so I think I'll take my chances and get one. If it's too bright, I'll get a small piece of tint for it or something. Thanks again.
  2. Hey everyone. I've made quite a few threads (on different topics) recently, but this should be the last one for awhile! I may be purchasing a VM-1 to replace my Stinger. However I am concerned on the brightness of the blue LEDs at night. I have done quite a bit of searching as I figured the answer would be easy to find, but didnt come up with anything. If the answer is out there and I didnt find it, I apologize. My current Stinger is blue and unbearable at night, I have to swap the blue faceplate with a separate red one I bought, for me to not be blinded. And am hoping that the VM-1 wont do the same. Any opinions? Also, I currently have extended my voltmeter's wires running all the way back to my battery in the back, and therefor had to use the trusty adjustment screw to get an accurate reading. WIll the VM-1 still be accurate with the wires extended 10+ feet? Thanks in advance.
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