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    Welding, Hot-Rods, Car audio, All types of Music. My HD fltrx.
  1. So I'm installing an idata link CMHCXAO and their t harness ADS-THR-CH12. Has anyone installed this setup or similar setup? I was with support for an hour trying to get it to flash the extended programming and it will not program. The initial setup went great, but when i go to do the extended programming, which I believe has to do with the immobilizer, nothing happens. Just thought I would give this forum a shot!
  2. Soundqubed now. Back in the day (late 80's early 90's) it was Kicker and Kenwood. Kicker was the big boy then and they only had subs and components. My HU and amps were all Kenwood. Now I have a Sony HU and everything else is Soundqubed.
  3. West Texas dirt storms! Tired of them! Lived here all my life and I'm ready to move!
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