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  1. Thank you Nathan and sorry. I was trying to ask about the difference of the 14 to 12. I was asking a question because I had a idea of changing the batteries to the 14 volts. Seemed like a simple question to me. I don't know why people have to post your not there yet. Yet you all don't know nothing about me or what I already have and have done. 44 years old and have had been installing systems in cars since I was 13. I had a thought and even gave myself the answer but yet people come off with that Your not there yet BS. Sorry to come on your site and ask a simple question and expecting an answer is stead of that smartass response. Have a nice day gentlemen.
  2. My question is can you use the 14 volt battery with the 12 volt battery or will there be a power draw from the 14 volt? Or would I have to use all 14 volt batteries if I did use the 14's.
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