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  1. well sorry for the vs thread but I was just wondering what peoples opinions was because I was told the older Rockford was better then the new but I see the 1500 is very impressive to me and im looking to getting a t2000
  2. ok so when you guys mean they are musical are you saying that it will sound good playing pretty much anything as in good all around?
  3. yeah I see and as far as the fiaudio is has anyone had any issues? as far as the warranty etc
  4. yeha I see haha cant decide on what to get I feel like a kid at a candy store
  5. I see everybody is saying fi let me go check out the website and see whats going on haha
  6. don't think I will have the correct air space for the 4 10" woofers
  7. yeah like I said im looking for all opinions and feed back lol and yeah cause in the past ive blown plenty of money experimenting with subs and now im doing the research on different subs and I want the best bang for my buck but also all around sub as well
  8. I mean I haven't been a jl fan heard things about them and guy has a set now and I wanted something that was equal to the t2 or better my cousin has a set of those and they get the job done I must say
  9. ive heard of ct but nobody runs them where im from (Virginia) and I originally was going with dc audio but I kept hearing people say that I will be rebuilding within a year because they don't last long
  10. and why might you say that lol any feed back is good feed back as I see it. just looking to get ideas for my 2006 Honda Accord Ex
  11. yeah you right I just figured I would ask since I see alotta people run different set up etc etc
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