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  1. Still undecided lol but im going to research sum amps now
  2. I mean don't get me wrong ive always ran 2 12s but wanted to try something different and thought about 10s but I may just go with the 12s I wanted to go with at first which was the xl ones and as far as amp ive heard that about them too I just want a good strong dependable amp that's going to perform to its full potential.
  3. everything lol whats wrong with the lanzar amps? I only wanna run the opti drives but this will be my first time running a set of 10s I think I should do 4 instead of 2
  4. was thinking about doing 2 level 4 10" woofers in a ported box in a 2006 Honda accord on a 2000d lanzar opti drive
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