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  1. yeah that's what I wanted to do but im putting this in a 2006 Honda accord and the stock alt is 130 and I don't know anywhere where I can get a alt for that car that is worth a damn haha and I was getting a music battery to put in the trunk as well as yellow top optima in front
  2. that's is true haha and I see one im thinking about getting now im going to go 0g all the way from battery to amp
  3. looking to purchase a Rockford T20001Bd and looking for any and every review because I know they have to be wired up correctly for them to work properly with the right amount of power
  4. Still undecided lol but im going to research sum amps now
  5. I mean don't get me wrong ive always ran 2 12s but wanted to try something different and thought about 10s but I may just go with the 12s I wanted to go with at first which was the xl ones and as far as amp ive heard that about them too I just want a good strong dependable amp that's going to perform to its full potential.
  6. everything lol whats wrong with the lanzar amps? I only wanna run the opti drives but this will be my first time running a set of 10s I think I should do 4 instead of 2
  7. was thinking about doing 2 level 4 10" woofers in a ported box in a 2006 Honda accord on a 2000d lanzar opti drive
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