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  1. Thanks for the help, I'll probably start building it today.
  2. The port will be 3"x12.5" and the net volume with my current port length and sub displacement is 2.3 cubic feet. This is with a 35" port length tuned to around 33hz. This isn't my first box, but I'm trying to do what I can to make each new box better.
  3. What should I use to calculate port length? Every calculator I use gives me a different length. And I have looked through the forum but I see people suggest different calculators, will they all get me close enough to what I want?
  4. I guess i wont change anything then. Trying to get the airspeed down to 72ft/s on WinISD would make the port almost 4 feet long,
  5. I might try increasing the port area, but using the recommended port area from it only lowers the velocity by 5 ft/s.
  6. Just finished my box design and it comes out to 2.32 cubic feet and tuned to 32.9 according to WinISD. The port area is 37.5" and WinISD says the airport velocity is 91ft/s, is this going to cause a noticeable amount of port noise?
  7. The car it was going in is totaled now so it doesnt matter, and the subs were 1250 watt not 1k.
  8. I made this post in the DC section and got no reply, so I'm just going to copy and paste my question here and see what I get. lol Would a 2k dc amp be enough for 2 fi ssd's? And if it would be enough there is currently a bundle deal on Sonic Electronix that comes with the dc 2.0k and a XS Power XP750-CK battery, is this one battery along with the main battery be enough for the amp?
  9. In home audio amps are built into sub boxes and they never go bad due to vibrations. There have been posts about this in the past is you search the forum. I see no problem with mounting it to the box with or without rubber grommets.
  10. Just got a reply, sub should ship out tomorrow.
  11. Im not worried about how long it takes to get here, just wanted to see if it was going to arrive while i was gone.
  12. Nothing in junk mail and nothing in the message section on their site.
  13. Ok, ill just give them some more time.
  14. I sent a message through their site, and i used the email option on their site so send the email. maybe their site isnt working right?
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