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  1. Is there a way to neutralize the magnet?? I would like to neutralize the magnet first to make sure the bottom plate is it shifted and the magnets are still intact
  2. What type of what would be the best To seal the top plate to the magnet
  3. I thought it was dropped. I picked it up from someone for $20 so I could rebuild and put it in the wife's car. And what about the bottem plate? It may have moved a bit as well. What type of adhesive is used on this part of the build?
  4. Everything is off center. The coil was rubbing on the magnet inside. I did remove the metal that is in top of motor now. The glue broke free. Is this something that can be repaired.
  5. What does this mean when it's like this. And can this be repaired? Thanks in advance.
  6. I just filled in 1 1/2 and temp screwed it in and already sounds better.
  7. Ok. Yes it is. Because I went the other direction with the port. It ended up being 4" on the last run.
  8. It's not longer. But rather than comin they the front of the box I cut and ported thru the top. Thinkin that may have thrown it off.
  9. Got the speakers done and in the box. Def do not sound how they did before. Question is the box built out of spec?? They sound good at low volume. As soon as I try to turn it up or add a little bass they just level out. Any ideas?? Thanks in advance.
  10. I built this before looking at any other boxes out there. Wondering if it's up to par now that I've looked around. Any opinions welcome (2) Sa8 v.1 31 1/2 long 13 deep 11 tall
  11. Got the first one all done. Went well I think. Started year down on the other. Here's the box I'm going with
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