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  1. Have a 2014 toyota corolla S with the dark gray interior and need a pair of front door pods made. Anybody on here lucky enough to have access to one of these cars? Tried myself, was successful but they look like shit so I think its time to seek out professional assistance. heres a picture of one of the doors http://image.motortrend.com/f/roadtests/sedans/1308_2014_toyota_corolla_first_drive/58365489/2014-toyota-corolla-le-eco-interior-door-panel.jpg Notice the grill extends up but the speaker hole is in the middle, I ended up just cutting out the speaker hole and they went right in from the front but there horribly ugly. Let me know if anybody can make me either covers that extend the shape of the grill area (Covers/ baffles) or can actually make me a pair of pods. The speaker they need to fit are Crescendo PWX 6.5's Thanks.
  2. Going to be dropping 4 crescendo pwx 6.5 mids into my 14 corolla S Plus, Think the front two will fit in my doors while retaining original door panel with modification besides possibly a spacer in the bracket mount?
  3. Picked up 4 crescendo 6.5's for my 14 corolla, will be putting 2 in front doors in stock spots and 2 in rear deck stock spots. Car comes with 6 speaker system, with two tweeters build into the corner of the front windows facing the cabin. Question is this I will be running these on my Rockford Fosgate P400x4 Punch http://www.rockfordfosgate.com/products/details/p400x4 Since its a relatively efficient amp and the birth sheet says 563 watts should I be running each set of nendos on 1 channel to maximize the power instead of 50 to each then its doubled of course? (If my understanding is correct), effectively running it in 2 channels instead of 4, are there draw backs to doing this? will it effect anything drastically? Also will this effect my stock tweeters in the front stage with too much power? or do i need to buy crossovers for them? also let's say i run them each on 1 channel since ill be not utilizing even half there power potential will I be able to go lower on the hertz range closer to 40 hrtz? instead of nendos tech sheet saying 80 hrtz +? Not running a sub till next season i think so trying to make the best of this configuration for a little bit of time. Thanks ahead of time guys.
  4. Crescendo http://store.crescendoaudio.com/pwx-6-5-midrange-speaker/ Don't let the price fool you, why spend 500 if you don't have too..,
  5. I doubt the subs can even really handle that much wattage/ the amp certainly doesn't produce that much and it's dirty power to boot. All in all I'd get new gear.
  6. Not sure if this is the right section just let me know if it isn't, Wondering what These big heavy pricks are going for these days on the market. (great condition, were used under very minimal power for about 3 months (Just too goddamn big and heavy and require too much juice for me to handle) This isn't an attempt to sell them just finding out what there worth. Thanks
  7. This is a two part thread. Part 1 So this summer its time to upgrade my components I will be installing a Rockford Fosgate 400x4 Punch amplifier. http://www.rockfordfosgate.com/products/details/p400x4 I have a few installation questions, So I have a 2014 toyota Corolla S plus which has your standard non amplified touchscreen radio and a 6 speaker configuration (2 tweeter 2 front doors and 2 rear deck) I have heard some troubles installing amps into these cars and was just wonder how and what i'm supposed to do here, Reading around i found some information regarding buy a harness of some sort that uses the factory harness with ease and no cutting however I couldn't find said harness. So my next recommendation was to use an LC6i Audio processor and (The harness which i cant find) So instead I picked out an amp that has the capability to utilize High level input via RCA cable from my speakers. (RF Punch 400x4) So I ordered 2 sets of these http://amzn.com/B009B8EJYU Assuming I will need 2 sets (Front and rear speakers) I still don't have a basic understanding how I will even hook these up. So am I going the correct route here? I am trying to make this as seamless and clean as possible while staying on a budget. Any advice to this installation or anybody familiar with this radio and or how to do this? Part 2 I also went to wally world and pickup up a set of these for the rears (Temporary While I plan out what speakers I really want for the rear deck) and Havent purchased any door speakers yet. http://www.amazon.com/Kicker-41DSC6934-3-Way-Coaxial-Speakers/dp/B00IZNPMPW/ref=sr_1_4?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1438007930&sr=1-4&keywords=6x9&pebp=1438007923984&perid=11TGQCWZXZB6JV6ENC3D Got them for a steal at 53.48$ Out the door after some negotiating with the store manager. Now i'm assuming these are piles of shit like most kickers shit and I'm looking for recommendations on some nice 6x9's for the rear as well as some nice 6.5's for my door speakers. A Little background last summer I picked up a pair of CT Sounds EXO 12's that I ran out of 6 cube (If i remember) homemade ported box that I made myself with a buddy using white birch and (I think it was RE box maker) powered by a single CT Sounds 1400.1D Amplifier (yes I know it wasn't near enough power but I spent a lot of time last summer buying different subwoofer sets and shit and ended up giving a lot of my gear away that i bought before (cause I believe in sharing and contributing to bass heads everywhere)) I got the Exos (baddest motherfuckin subwoofers i have ever had the pleasure of owning ) anyway so cash was tight and I couldn't afford to go balls out on a much larger amp however they still sounded nice but i'm sure I hadn't tapped into even 1/4 of the subs potential) again it was last summer and i'm having a hard time remembering, anyways my corolla didn't like the 450 lbs the back of my corolla and I missed my trunk so i took it all out around fall. I still have all of it too. So now I'm wanting to just go clean and install a full set of components with a nice amp for daily fantastic sound with some decent bass without a woofer (yet). Anyways thanks guys I think I thought of everything but if you have any further questions just and thanks ahead of time for any and all advice.
  8. I just got banned from low budget car audio group with 29k members for defending this test. Brad came in and demandEd I be silenced.. lmao
  9. Updated 8/11/2014 Removed the two Obsidian 12 inch subwoofers Built a new box made of Birch this time, faceing and ported into the cabin. Double baffle. Sold the Hifonics Amplifier Added CT Sounds 1400.1D Mono Block Amplifier. Added 2 CT Sounds EXO 12 D1 1 Ohm Subwoofers.
  10. right now with my current setup my obsidians at full tilt with my ct sounds amp im conistantly at 14.2 - 13.1 idle pounding and when im cruising it doesnt change much but again I have a car that was manufactured 4 months ago and the electrical system is so new its pretty tough, what the guy at the shop did tell me was that if my alternator was a denso than it was bullet proof and as soon as i turn down the gain or bass it will charge my battery bank.
  11. its not that man, i called a local electrician shop they rebuild alts, have been for 38 years " joe blow"? are you that much a douche? anyways he told me he could rebuild it for 1 dollar per amp if i needed it in an emergency he even told me since its a new style alternator he isnt sure how it will turn out but its an option till mechman or singer come out with 2014 corolla S alternators. infact your from illinois, so go ahead and call up peru auto electric in peru illinois mr know it all.. theres guys on ebay that do the same thing your local electrician shop does. except they're mostly garbage. not bashing on the mans shop directly, just telling what i've seen happen to other people (and whats happened to me). bigger internals in a stock casing. $5 thats exactly what your local guy is going to do. stock alt casings with bigger stators sometimes dont even TURN ON when idling in D, so the alt builder will tell you to put on a pulley thats an inch smaller than stock so spins faster and actually charges when at a stop light. not to mention if he uses chinese regulators, your voltage will be all over the place. oh and when you put bigger internals inside a stock casing, the stock casing was designed to dissipate the heat coming from OEM internals. bigger internals = more heat + not enough cooling = self destruction. thats exactly what the guy at that shop told me he said at idle I wouldnt be charging at all he said it would all occur at like 2.5k rpm so your right and I understand that, i dont have the power yet but from what im reading dont have the power to do what I want unless i can manage to put a universal second alternator in, you think that would work? or are they vehicle specific?
  12. When mechman, singer make an alternator for my car Ill be buying one, here find me one for my car and ill buy it right now and end this discussion about alternators.. cause i have been searching and calling around for 3 weeks and yielded 0 results.
  13. I figured based on my small trunk I could only fit 2 12 zv4's cause I wanted 15's but I dont think I can have a big enough box for that alot with all my other shit i have in there batteries amp etc
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