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  1. OK so that would be the 8" then if I go by cone area 150inches at 1800W rms. 12" sub is like 113inches at 1500W rms.
  2. OK I think I'm now officially torn between one havoc 12 or 3 sa-8's, after correct porting both boxes would have near 2 ft^3 of air with 6" or 7" diameter porting tuned 30-35hz (35hz for the 8" subs). 8s would be forward facing and the 12 would be down firing with about 1.5 inch off the carpet. What would flex the roof better?
  3. Hm you guys gave me lots to think about. Sounds like all of these setups could be adjusted for low volume SQ but it seems I become more concerned about spl. I'm not necessarily concerned about wattage efficiency or dollar efficiency as much as SPL to air space efficiency. So maybe if I make a more specific question. If I were to focus on 35hz SPL, still with 2.5 ft^3 and a ported enclosure with proper porting. Should I shoot for a down firing sa-10" or sa-12. Or 2 x8 subs or 3 sa-8 subs (I'm assuming 3 sa-8 will be louder than 4 if I get the porting and airspace correct so I am abandoning
  4. I just checked the link. It calculated I need an 8 inch port at 49 inches length. That's 1.5 ft^3 of my 2.5 available volume!!! How do I get around this?
  5. O I was going by diysubwoofers.org and I though I wanted a 3 inch diameter port about 14 cm long if I recall correctly. 15 sq in per sub could be like having 4 separate 4" diameter ports or one 8" diameter port then, which is also doable. I like the aeroport idea because it will take less volume than a slot port. 15sqin per sub sounds excessive to me though, but if you are certain it will work I'll go for it.
  6. Good to know it can be done, I'll try to source some real Baltic birch and add bracing to the design, if it works well I may have a well drafted set of plans to share when I'm done
  7. I'll check out the fi ssd 10" subs maybe that could work too. One more question. How bad would it be to go with 1/2 inch MDF instead of 3/4. I'm not being cheap it really has to do with available volume, 3/4 inch MDF requires me to lift the rear seat 2.5 inches where I can get away with a 2 inch lift with 1/2 inch mdf.
  8. I like the specs but I didn't see a mounting depth on the online store, I'll have to search from a PC I think. I also saw the mayhem, a 2500 watt 12 inch sub but I doubt I could make it fit. Would be sick though. Would The havoc really destroy 4 sa8's? But the cone area of 4 8" is greater than a single 12. Too bad I can't borrow subs, boxes only cost one sheet of MDF for testing.
  9. I'm planning on buying a sundown amp to match subs, but due to electrical requirements I'm thinking of not passing 3000 watts RMS. I just drew up my box a 3d model and calculated volume after MDF material displacement and I have about 2.5 ft^3. If I made the box more complicated to fit around seat brackets in my crew cab I can claim up to 3ft^3 after material displacement. If I go with anything bigger than 8" sub then it becomes down facing instead of forward facing and mounting depth becomes important. If it is less than 6" depth it works, and works with 2.5 to 3 ft^3 of air. Its basical
  10. I wonder of experimenting with polyfill could lower volume and flatten the peaks if I start towards the larger side of things. Or possibly shortening the port to raise tuning frequency might help the subs.I did talk to sundown today and the said the x8 subs give mor punch and better range and would do what I'm looking for. The sa would be smoother at lower freq though. But the x subs need more airspace so I couldn't do 4 of them and sundown did say 4 sa8 are louder than 2 x8 subs. Sundown also sold said I would be happier with 8" than 10" or 12" for what I'm after. I forgot to ask about 6.
  11. Thanks for the info guys, Generally if I tune my box to 35 how high do you think it would play? How high would a sealed box play? Sub's in question are the sa8 Jl audio offers a stealth box with two 10tw3 sub's and its ported. It has sound characteristics I like, but I'm not sure what frequency its tuned to. I'm hoping to cover the same range but louder
  12. Hi I have the space to put one ported sa 12, two 10" or 4 8" sa sub's. I could do 2 12's sealed or even two 10" sub's sealed. My goal is to have a system with punch and quality for listening to rock, but can also crank the level up and get some good SPL around 35 hz give or take a few hz. Its kind of dual purpose in that the rest of my system will be built full active and sq orientated. I'm leaning towards 4 ported sa 8" tuned to 35 hz in a 2.5 ft^3 enclosure. It needs to bang red hot chilli peppers up high and dubstep down low around 30 or 35 hz. I also considered 2 boxes tuned differen
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