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  1. With a laptop, a decent mic, free software and a little know how you can find the resonant frequency of any vehicle. step 1. download Audacity. (its free software they only ask for a donation) http://audacity.sourceforge.net step 2. plug in and set up your mic. step 3. open audacity and generate tones of your desired frequency range using the generate menu and record them in your car using the aux input on your stereo to play from your laptop and record at the same time with the mic resting on the dash and using a subwoofer, be sure to mute each track and delete the sine wave before you record the next sample step 4. go to the menu of each recorded track and set it to waveformdb. step 5. analize your data (the recorded sample with the highest reading in waveformdb is your peak frequency. I suggest you record a sample in incrimates of 5 hz from 80 hz down to 20 hz then when you have it nailed down to within 10 hz range test at 1 hz incrimates within that range until you have found the frequency with the highest reading. (pretty much the loudest tone with all other variables being equal) do not adjust the volume during testing! this will give a bias result also you should use a sealed box for your reading! If it has any kind of port it will be a bias reading. Please do not use a cheap 10 dollar karaoke microphone! when it comes to microphones you get what you pay for, my microphone is a usb type note: audacity can be a little complicated to run and set up refer to the help menu also there are many tutorials on http://youtube.com
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