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  1. Thanks thats what I started to think after typing this. Just wanted to make sure. DLHgn The reason for a 5 ch is so the amp mounts under one seat and the JBL MS8 goes under the other. No room for anything other than that. Feel free to take a look HERE All the arc audio equipment is coming out, the subs have already been replaced with two 12" sundown sd's in the same place.
  2. Channel 1-4 RMS Power Rating: 4 ohms: 75 watts x 4 chan. 2 ohms: 125 watts x 4 chan. Subwoofer Channel RMS Power Rating: 4 ohms: 150 watts x 1 chan. 2 ohms: 300 watts x 1 chan. 1 ohms: 500 watts x 1 chan. So can I run 4 chs at 2-Ohms and sub ch at 1-Ohm? when I visit Rockford's site I see this Rated Power (RMS Continuous Power): 75 Watts x 4 + 150 Watts x 1 @ 4-Ohm 125 Watts x 4 + 300 Watts x 1 @ 2-Ohm N/A + 500 Watts @ 1-Ohm http://www.rockfordfosgate.com/products/details/p1000x5 The N/A+ and then 500w @1-ohm worries me. I read it as it can put out 500 watts but without out the 4 chs running. Or are they saying ch's 1-4 just cant run 1-Ohm ? man I hope thats what its is.
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