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  1. Awesome! Thanks a ton. I appreciate the help, hopefully I'll be able to assemble within the next week. Those numbers are all verified correct? (Tuning and Volume) Also, since I'm running 1000 Watts to it, do you think .75ft3 is good still? Or should I go to around .65ft3? Once again, the help is really appreciated. Cheers
  2. Looks good. That's fairly similar to layout I had with the X-8 box I built. I think doing a wrap around port like that should work out better than a labyrinth style with all the 180 degree bends. One nice thing is the X-8 doesn't have a pole vent so you can put the motor pretty close to the back wall. Ok here's what I have: H10" x D11" x 32"W 1.5" x 8.5" x 46"L (Wrapping all the way around) After bracing and 45's I think that should put me around .7ft3, tuned to around ~32Hz.. I'm pretty sure anyway... Does that look correct/make sense to you? This is so tedious lol, I just wanna get this figured out!
  3. No prob, glad I could help. As far as the peak goes, I think you are going to have a bit of a peak regardless of what you do. The X series subs are just peaky in nature and the X-8 is no exception. Came across this, I'd like to try and mock up something similar, when I get some time tonight I'll be trying that out. That'd be very ideal
  4. Yeah it's a lot more of a challenge than I thought I was getting myself into... I know it'll be worth it in the end though. That box you built is clean as all hell btw, props! I'll try out your suggestion tonight when I head back to the drawing board. I just don't want to have too much of a noticeable peak which seems like it may be impossible to avoid... I'm not sure if it'd even be that noticeable of a peak if I were to tune it a bit higher anyway. Well, I'll see what I can figure, I'll keep ya posted, I appreciate the help!
  5. Not sure if I should start a new threat because this is a different woofer but I'll try here. I thought using a similar enclosure would work but found that the X-8 will like a .5 cubes box tuned to around 32Hz........ The issue is I have no idea how to design this box.... I want it to be wide and shallow to take up minimal room in my trunk, but I'm having serious trouble. I think what I have may be a step in the right direction, but I would appreciate advice on this as I don't think I could make the sub fit... I'm really not sure what I should modify. ~75" of 1.75" x 8.5" Port. W34" x H10" x D10" Volume = ~.5 ft3 ~32Hz
  6. I'll be reducing it slightly, I believe ~.75 cubes makes the X-8 pretty content so I think I'll shoot for around that, tuned to around 33/32Hz probably. Very excited to give this woofer a try, I believe it'll work better for my limited space as well. Most folks wouldnt know the difference if it slapped en in the face. This is true. I've been satisfied with my SA12 until now in regards to SQ and SPL (although a better designed enclosure could've improved the SQ...), aside from SPL I think this should satisfy. Not to say that it won't get loud in a proper enclosure, because I'm sure it will. (I'm really hoping anyway lol) Once I get the sub in and finalize an enclosure design I'll be posting a log, as well as some footage of the results hopefully when I get around to it. There isn't a whole lot of info out there on this little beast yet.
  7. CHANGE IN PLANS: The enclosure is now going to be for a Sundown Audio X-8 ( http://www.woofersetc.com/p-12380-x-8-d4-sundown-audio-8-dual-4-ohm-x-series-subwoofer.html ) I think this should be a better decision overall, and I've heard from a couple people that the X has some solid SQ as well as output. I think I'll probably stick with the same box design as it should work with this guy pretty well. Any thoughts let me know!
  8. http://www.rockfordfosgate.com/products/details/pbr300x2 Do you think something like this would serve the purpose? The JBLs are 2Ohm speakers I believe so I'd be able to get the most out of them with this, plus I could run a stealthy install with something like this. Opinions?
  9. Thanks for the feedback guys, I think I may just go with the JBLs. I'm gonna try to find a space to mount a larger amp if at all possible. I may have some space under one of my front seats for a smaller 2/4 channel amp. Even when bridged you don't think that amp would put of a noticeable power gain? I'm just trying to find something with a small footprint that won't cost me an arm and a leg. Once again I appreciate the input!
  10. Hey everyone! Install is going in a 2007 Honda Civic Coupe The subwoofer and monoblock amp are already in hand. Deck is a Kenwood DDX-371 Subwoofer is a SKAR VVXv3 10", paired with an Alpine MRP-M1000 putting out around 1000Wrms Recommendations/help would be greatly appreciated! I'm currently looking to buy new speakers/4(?) channel amp, this is what I'm looking at: Alpine KTP-445U - I want something that can be hidden under a seat or installed somewhere else stealthy. If I run 4 speakers I'll run it normally of course, or if I just go with components I'll bridge it and have a more powerful front stage. JBL P660C 6 1/2" - Heard good things about these components, I think they'd make a nice front stage... I don't have a whole ton to spend (I'm in Canada, all this gear costs a LOT more for me), although if I don't purchase any speakers for the rear I'm willing to throw an extra $50 or so into my components. Pyramid W64 6.5-Inch - Cheap rear midbass fill. If I do go with speakers for the rear they won't be anything fancy at all. I don't have much clearance because of the trunk bars, so I couldn't put anything big if I wanted. This makes me lean more towards just running a more solid set of components in the front.. I'm not partial to the Pyramids - they're cheap and would serve their purpose. Stinger Roadkill Sound deadener - Cheap and effective from what I've heard, I won't be doing the WHOLE car because weight is a factor. As I said this gear is going to cost quite a bit more for me as I'm in Canada, and I'd like to keep the cost fairly low. I'd like to have nice clean SQ, of course something that can get loud when I want though. I DO NOT want overly bright tweeters, I really like a warm sounding setup and I hope that you guys can help me out! Nothing here is set in place, although I would prefer to keep the mini Alpine amp or something similar in the build as it's going to be hidden. The back speakers are optional, I've never ran just a front stage so I don't exactly know what would work best. All the speakers here I'm VERY open to change, so long as it's within a reasonable budget (~$150)
  11. Understandable. I think I'm gonna go with the most recent design I've put up. I think that should serve its purpose quite well.. Hope for the best!
  12. Think something like this would be better? Or should I try some PVC ports possibly? I've never worked with PVC ports and have no idea how to calculate tuning or anything for it, but it could be an option.
  13. That does make sense, the only reason I'm looking into this over an L shaped port is because of space. If I run an L-port, the magnet is going to be nearly hitting the back portwall, or I'd have to make the box deeper. If I have to I will, but I'd like to try to stay compact. If I did change it to an L-port and the magnet only had about an inch of clearance to the port wall behind it, I've heard it won't perform that great. Once again, any advice is welcome. Thanks Triticum!
  14. Hey guys! Newbie here, hopefully you guys could help give a once-over to my build. Currently I'm rockin a Sundown SA12 in my '07 Honda Civic Coupe. Unfortunately I've decided I'd like to move to something smaller/ a box that's more tailored to my trunk to have a bit more space. The box is in the trunk of course, pushed against the back seat as snug as possible. I've gone with a Skar VVXv3 10, just waiting for it to show up at my door currently, very excited to try this thing. I'll be pushing ~1000 watts to it (Alpine MRP-M1000), and the box I designed is ~1.3 cubic feet after displacements, tuned hopefully to around 33Hz. If the picture is difficult to see I apologize, it's just easiest for me to work it out that way. I'm basically looking for confirmation that my numbers are correct in regards to tuning and volume, and that there'll be no port noise issues. Any advice would be great as I'm still learning, I've only built one previous box. Thanks guys! BOX WIDTH: 34 BOX HEIGHT: 12 BOX DEPTH: 11 WOOD THICKNESS: 0.75 PORT WIDTH: 2 PORT LENGTH: 31 Each piece constructing the port is 7.5 inches. Of course I'd like the sub to get low, with a fairly flat frequency response if at all possible. I'm not looking to win SPL competitions... it's a single 10, but I'm positive this will be enough to keep me happy in a proper box. I'd like to do it right the first time. I know lots of you have much more knowledge than me and I'm excited to hear back! CHANGE OF PLANS...... Unfortunately there was a mix-up with Skar Audio (no hard feelings at all, just an order mistake) and so I've decided to go with a Sundown X-8.
  15. Don't mean to bring this helpful thread back to life but I just thought I should let you guys know how great this truly was. 15 minutes of reading well spent no regrets.
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