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  1. I need an idea or sketch for a 4th order blow through box in a 2004 Ford F250 for four alpine 12" type rs. I am new at this and recently made my first ported box for two type S 12s and it hits hard but I really want the use of my back seats. The reason I want a 4th order is because with a sealed or ported blowthrough, it looks like I'd have to take out all the back seats where as for a 4th order bandpass I could have the blowthrough through the center. I listen to all types of music and it want the box to be good for that but hit lows really well. I'm probably going to put some mid bass drivers in the door panels so the box won't need to be tuned for those and then I'll probably make some nice miss and highs as well. I don't plan to enter competitions but I want good quality that will turn heads and maybe blow some hair. Any design ideas? Thank you
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