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  1. a lot of people use that amp on tha L7, it'll power that L7 perfectly imo
  2. new punch line looks nice!. P1's are garbage, no matter what size, no matter what kinna power to put to them and no matter wut box u have them in, there SHEET!!
  3. yeah but look at ur subs compared to the cvr's, and plus ur running 1200 watts to ur drivers and ur only hitting 144. imo
  4. there is this dude in roe saying he is hitting 146db's on the TL. i think this dude's talking crap. he's running 2 12" Kicker CVR's in seperate ported boxes powering it with a RF T10001BD. he said each driver is seeing 450rms. the forum is under work log under "new system install" i dont beleive him at all
  5. lol no idea at the moment, a new car has to wait till the summer
  6. my family's 1993 Mazda Mpv finally gave up today. We bought it brand new 14 years ago. anyways It had close to 400,000 clicks. its been a warrior for us. it has been everywhere in canada and the states. damn i was sad when it was being towed! i was actually kinna depressed today.
  7. i love kicker too death!! but thats true why isnt steve using kicker amplifiers?? i wonder??
  8. lol.....i havnt gotten to change my name, thats when i said my P1's back in summer 06
  9. haha....i can only fit 1 15" woofer in my van, i want to stay kicker but if anything i'll go top of the line models, name me what i can get? cuz i know its easier to get ur hands on brands like kicker?...plus i live in canada so ya....
  10. i've been researching on a new setup for this summer. what setup can bump pretty hard between $1000 to $1500?? thats my budget, i was looking at 1 15" Kicker L7 Hifonics bxi1606 or 1 15" L7 hifonics bxi2006 thats just my guesstimation right now...any suggestions would be great
  11. wow never mind 800 watts then.... about these amps... rockford fosgate punch p4002 or rockford fosgate punch p5002 i just wanna double my power, will i hear a big difference??
  12. so 400 watts is good?? right now im running it at 200 watts with a kicker kx200.2 amp @ 4 ohms the best i can do is prolly get an amp that gives a little more then 400 watts @ 4 ohms....will i see a difference in bass???
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