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  1. what brand of subs are they and resistance and voice coil arrangement (ie: what load you will run the amp at) and RMS rating for each sub. This allows you to see the optimal running power for your amp/s, as depending on RMS rating you may need to strap 2 amps together to give you sufficient power for your needs. then you should do the big 3 (if you haven't already) and possibly upgrade your alternator (If stock). so in essence - what is the combined RMS rating for your two subs together (To give you total power required RMS) and make sure the amp is rated for around your total RMS value and resistance level (ohms) with these two figures you can look at amps and their RMS power output at your resistance level - matching the power of your amp/s to your subs! Happy shoping
  2. its been a while and the Jap imports are great for parts! I just need to find an alternator - Hitachi Style plug on top and over 150 amps
  3. Feel free to text me. Message via PM for the number Thanks I will do when I can get my paws on some ca$h!
  4. Singer said they didn't stock alternators for my requirements, how can you help me? In my research I need a 150 amp alternator. Any help would be much appreciated!!! and where are you located and what would be done re: freight? Thanks again Sam(Uel)
  5. Singer said I've got a 65A stock Hitachi style alternator but has nothing to help me and suggested a second alternator, but I don't want to have to mess around with lining up new mounts and belts - so does anyone know of a car / van / truck that has a Hitachi style alternator that outputs 120 amps plus? (I am in Australia so US models are hard to find) AND yes I was told this is in the wrong section of the FORUM
  6. nice work to achieve the end goal and have test equipment. well done
  7. Thanks will try Singer Alternators and just new to the forum so im a bit lost LOL
  8. the pod looks nice, particularly for a first timer at glass - I'd be stuffed LOL BUT I'd LIKE to see a BIGGER second BATTERY. I know they aren't the cheapest but worth while!
  9. my stereo system is a bigger current draw than my alternator can supply, does any one know which make and model of alternator I need for 160 Amps In my 1996 nissan pulsar Lx N15? Because of my system drawing (at fuse rating max. current) 1800 Watts RMS ( 4 channel OAC160 600w RMS & mono BRX1200.1D 1200w RMS Optima yellow top D51R - 12v 38ah + regular lead acid batt. & boss(ashamed) 8 Farad capacitor) all powering 2 KICKER 6 1/2" coaxial 100w RMS + 2 6x9" VIBE AUDIO 120w RMS amd TWIN INFINITY KAPPA 10.9W 350w RMS 1400w peak *EACH* - Then @ 1 ohm between them and running at 1200w RMS from a Hifonics Amp
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