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  1. go to sundown's website and click "find a dealer near you. They usually always are box builders. That's what I did for my X15. Everyone told me I couldn't fit a 4.25 cube box in my accord but they guy I found made it happen for me..good luck
  2. I successfully installed my XS power battery earlier.I have been driving it around all day and didn't get pictures yet but I'll toss some up after work tomorrow. with the big 3 i can see the rear view mirror shake harder than before. Noticeable difference. Now to get a H/O alt so I can install my second XS power D3400
  3. now that it's morning here I should be able to figure this out. Basic stuff really I just didn't have the confidence to just UN hook my batt and start figuring it out as I progressed. thanks for your help guys.
  4. I do know I need to remove my small ground wire. He installed 2 grounds for my big 3.they are screwed into my frame and one goes straight to the battery and one seems to go to my engine.the only positive I see comes from my alternator I should have posted pictures of the big 3 so I can give you a better visual of what's going on. But I feel my question was answered with your guys' comments. Both negatives can go and all of my positives come to my new battery. I'll follow the stock wire to my alt and remove that and connect the remaining two wires.
  5. Added a pic of the battery terminal style on the battery. It's a screen shot of a video so don't spend too much time clicking the play button lol
  6. http://s375.photobucket.com/user/AlwaysUpgradingBASS/library/Mobile%20Uploads?sort=3&page=1 the first pic is of the negative terminal And the big wire is the wire I'm confused on. if it's a second ground to the engine or something I'm sure I won't need it anymore. Now the last pic is of the positive terminal. The wire my finger is on goes to my amp and the small red wire is for my LED's. The other 2 wires are all I need identified.
  7. I have no owners manual any more and Google keeps sending me to off topic issues related to wires but are not any solution to this issue
  8. I'm going from a post terminal battery to XS power's bolt terminal battery. I already bought a 6 bolt battery terminal and also had a local sundown dealer install 1/0 big 3 upgrade (While I waited for my XS power battery) the big 3 wires are crimped with terminal lugs and bound in electrical tape and are ready to connect to my new battery. I'm worried I'll take out the old battery, replace it and won't be able to start my car. Here's my dilemma I currently have 2 wires connected to my negative terminal and I know one is the ground but the second (bigger) wire I can not trace where it's conne
  9. Finally got my box built for the X15. 4.25 cubes and barely squeezed that bitch into the trunk Of my 91 accord. I'm happy with the d4 and anyone having second thoughts should feel comfortable about buying it. I have 2 amps and I have this D4 currently running on only 750 watts at 2 ohms on a cheap hifonics hfi 1000.1D. I used to have 2 12" jvc arsenals running 1 ohm at 1000 watts on the same amp and this sundown sub is way cleaner sounding by far and like everyone says "it thrashes the lows". for having 25% less power than my 2 12" jvc's I'm impressed by how much more bass and window shaki
  10. I didn't think of that. Thanks for the idea. This will be a growing project. I'm testing the waters with sundown and once I get better at understanding all of this I'll upgrade to zv4's or possibly the team sundown. I at least want to immortalize my experience with a D4 by making this thread. Amp comes in Friday, big 3 done last night to 1/0 skyhigh wire and new 200 amp fuse and box bought. I'll post my thoughts when I have everything hooked up and bumping. But yes. I will be upgrading my amp soon I just want to keep the price low while I learn.
  11. I did a bit of research on this...after searching Google for answers and seeing this exact thread pop up on the top of the search results repeatedly I decided to just go with it and maybe save some guy in the future a headache of his own. I just ordered a hifonics Brutus X14 2200 and at 2 ohms it claims to have 1600 watts (we'll see). I just did the big 3 today and also ordered an xs power d3400 battery. I plan on keeping this D4 and adding another and building a wall in my accord. As I upgrade my system I'll post how the amps sound and perform With this X15 D4.
  12. I contacted sundown about the return policy. Not sure if I can do it myself since it was purchased from a dealer but I have all the information on the box so I'll see what I can do from here. Thank. A lot. How do I take this thread down now lol?
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