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  1. that was very helpful and exactly what I was looking for. thanks
  2. I upgraded from a 1000 watt amp to 2600 watt amp and the new amp has two new settings I'm unfamiliar with,Width and center. I went to Google and I found a few answers but it's just guys getting carried away with the their car audio vocabulary and explaining what they know about "width and center" and they just lose their train of thought and never explain how to actually tune the amp setting properly. What I have to go off of is 2 pictures below the dial of what looks like a sine wave. One is taller and skinny, the other is short and wide. I have an idea of what this could mean But my confidence will grow being certain of setting this right and not damaging this subwoofer. What I have: 1 sundown audio X15 With 4.25 cubic box tuned to 26hz 1 hifonics Brutus 2600.1D
  3. In about an hour I'll be driving to my demo spot and post another video in HD slo-mo and at 60 FPS and some pictures of the set-up.
  4. here's a bit more information about this build. The subwoofer is a sundown X15 D4 and is being powered by a hifonics HFI 1000.1D. I'm getting 750 watts at 2ohms to the x 15 since its the dual 4 ohm I can only wire it down to 2 ohms. My box is a 4.25 cubic ft custom enclosure made my a sundown dealer in my city. The song I used for the demo is "everlast-what it's like" I'll post more videos as my build progresses. I still have a few things to install before I am completely done
  5. within the last month I purchased this set up. I have a new amp (2200 watts) and XS power battery being installed this weekend hopefully, so while I have this wattage left I wanted to share my video with you all. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RgYhPaj0BX4
  6. kind of an awkward position to put someone in giving a review. I didn't make this thread to hail any glory to JVC. Ive literally tossed those away.When I purchased my jvc system I did not foresee a predicament where i would be needing to maximize my potential sound quality with that system To compare it to a more permanent system I would be later purchasing (sundown X series). That system was a start up system I bought for less than 150$ for the amp,enclosure,both subs and wires as a bundle. if you want me to give both of them a fair shake you may be very disappointed..a recone kit for my sundown X15 is closer to the price of my whole last set up let alone what all I've invested in this set up so there's not much left to shake with the jvc's. this review is to review my new sundown.
  7. I messaged him right after I installed To thank him. Worth the wait for sure. The Zv4 is a beast. I'd of preferred that over the X series but just was UN in my price range at the time.
  8. I have a few things in the mail that'll get me motivated to install the new amp.i still am using the 1000 watt amp for now but have no plans for the future with it. Here's a video of the 750 watts
  9. Yes I know the X15 D2 would be more beneficial if only running one single sub but when I ordered from woofersetc_outlet (registered online sundown dealer) they were back ordered on the D2 for 3+ months so I got the D4. What I am upgrading from: 2 12" jvc arsenals 350 rms each (700rms) they were being powered by a hifonics hfi 1000.1D amplifier in a box tuned to 40 Hz. they shook my Windows and impressed my friends a bit but after some heavy bumping they finally blew. I never heard of sundown until recently but after a lot of research I kept hearing amazing things. I searched for a local sundown dealer who does custom builds and had him build me a 4.25 cube enclosure for my 91 accord (many told me that would never be done) but bass mechanic 253 pulled it off. I hooked the sub up to the same amp my 2 12's were on and keep in mind my sub is only 2 ohm capable so the amp is now producing 750 rms @ 2 ohms. I played decafs "downtown" and dj slow n throws Garth Brooks remix of "thunder rolls" before with my last system at 1000 watts but now the sundown at 25% less power is absolutely destroying the songs I used to love. This subwoofer is absolutely amazing.I admit the 40hz range does not hit nearly as hard as before but what I lose in 37+ hz range I gain 4x the output in the 26-36 hz range Which is huge to me since I prefer lows. My girlfriend noticed the same thing and also agrees these new subs are a different world of subwoofer than what we are used to. What I felt: With the jvcs I'd say the bass lines were sharp and punchy. Definitely vibrated the ear wax a bit and kept my rear view mirror shaking violently enough to make the mirror start facing towards my floor Which was pretty cool and was always a topic during demos. With the sundown X15 D4 the bass is a whole different type of feeling which I never knew would even be a factor when upgrading subwoofers. When I play coca cola by Gucci mane (mi Casa su Casa) before it was great to me. On the low notes my Windows sort of shook and I thought it was cool as hell but now the sundown makes the Windows shake something viscous now. The air and vibrations feel like they are moving slower through my car than before and make me feel as if I'm sitting in water that is perfect body temperature and when the bass hits the waves hit and vibrate through my body in such a calming way it's hard to describe but it's powerful as all hell. With the jvcs the waves were not as calming and seemed to run into each other more than the sundown does. they were viscous waves don't get me wrong but the quality is just not there to me. I already have a 2200 watt mono amp that is 1600 rms at 2 ohm in my closet that arrived a few weeks back but I wanted to experience this subwoofer on the amp I had previous experience with so I could give an honest comparison of jvc arsenal on the same power source as the sundown I am reviewing. 2 12" jvc arsenals at 25% more power do not compare in any way to this sundown X15 D4. I believed the arsenal subs to be louder and crisper than my old 12" kicker comps (2). Sundown in my opinion is a must have. When I hook up my XS power D3400 battery and my new hifonics Brutus X14 2200.1D (I know many do not like hifonics and neither did I because of bad reviews but once I tried them I loved them) I'll leave a second review on what I feel and notice about the X15 at more than twice the power from this review
  10. Finally got my box built for the X15. 4.25 cubes and barely squeezed that bitch into the trunk Of my 91 accord. I'm happy with the d4 and anyone having second thoughts should feel comfortable about buying it. I have 2 amps and I have this D4 currently running on only 750 watts at 2 ohms on a cheap hifonics hfi 1000.1D. I used to have 2 12" jvc arsenals running 1 ohm at 1000 watts on the same amp and this sundown sub is way cleaner sounding by far and like everyone says "it thrashes the lows". for having 25% less power than my 2 12" jvc's I'm impressed by how much more bass and window shaking I'm getting (It's amazing to me) this is my first time upgrading from 12's to 15"s and always worried if 1 15" would sound less "bassy" than 2 12's but from first hand experience this sub has out done both my 2 kickers and both my 2 jvc's to the point I'll never look at those brands the same again.sundown did an amazing job with their subs. My next amp will be installed sometime soon and this amp will put out 1600 watts at 2 ohms and 2200 at 1 ohm.I didn't expect this type of quality even after reading numerous reviews about the sub and hundreds of YouTube videos. you just don't know til you try it. I've only used 2 brands of subs in the short time I've had a system. I've used kicker and jvc. Neither of those will ever be in par with sundown. I'm a customer for life at this point. Thanks for reading my final thoughts on this experience.
  11. I didn't think of that. Thanks for the idea. This will be a growing project. I'm testing the waters with sundown and once I get better at understanding all of this I'll upgrade to zv4's or possibly the team sundown. I at least want to immortalize my experience with a D4 by making this thread. Amp comes in Friday, big 3 done last night to 1/0 skyhigh wire and new 200 amp fuse and box bought. I'll post my thoughts when I have everything hooked up and bumping. But yes. I will be upgrading my amp soon I just want to keep the price low while I learn.
  12. I did a bit of research on this...after searching Google for answers and seeing this exact thread pop up on the top of the search results repeatedly I decided to just go with it and maybe save some guy in the future a headache of his own. I just ordered a hifonics Brutus X14 2200 and at 2 ohms it claims to have 1600 watts (we'll see). I just did the big 3 today and also ordered an xs power d3400 battery. I plan on keeping this D4 and adding another and building a wall in my accord. As I upgrade my system I'll post how the amps sound and perform With this X15 D4.
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