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  1. I tested a bit today - but still only one mid, but both tweeters at -3dB, i think they sound really good - i am mostly impressed about the ability to play loud, with out getting annoying to listen to. I can not yet talk about depth, imagining, listening, stereo perspective and so on, 'cause i still miss a mid in the passenger door
  2. I did not test them yet to be honest, i've only just finished one door panel
  3. Today i got to test the new amp out - and i already got WAY more out of the SSA - love it!!
  4. I claim THIS spot ;-) Would go into my Renault for spaz It will have to go to Denmark ;-)
  5. Thank you man! Appreciate the comments Makes it all so much better to share
  6. Some more progress - i have finished the a-pillars, but not as perfect as i would like.. Further more i started over on the doors - i kinda forgot to make sure that the speakser could be there :i
  7. More progress I started to fill the doors with the filler, and will sand it down first time tommorow Then i also plugged all cables into the amplifier, also in to the HU Aaaaand, i started on the tweeter housing in the a-pillars, Notice the dampening?? All the car has been dampened at the last install
  8. Then i gave the doors a little bit of massage. At the moment,it does not look pretty, what so ever, but all the fucked up plastic, will be covered by the filler - so should end up looking decent enough. If not - i will just do it over, it is by all my daily driver, so i would like it to look just decent Made a tree insert, which off course also needed a little massage, mostly because i did not give the doors enough massage But it was better to do it to the insert.. Started masking off, before the filler is put on Lots of masking Next step is filler, connect the amplifers to the radio, and then? ​It should be able to play some music - at least to test it out ;-)
  9. The amplifier instaled, and i made all of the cableruns. ​I did not install the phono to the radio yet, because i ran out of time And yes - i do know, that to install the amplifier to the subwoofer box is not recommended, but, if i would like to compete in Street Stock 2k, i have to have it in the trunk, and there is no where else to put it..
  10. Some progress has happened! Yesterday i was in the workshop, and i got to run the powerwire, i made ground, and the amplifier has been installed. Further more i started on somekind of doorpods - which was harder than i first thought I've been looking around on youtube, and different build logs and it seemed easier than it was But now, i've cutted most of my original speaker holes out, made tree insert, and i will fill out the surrounding area with filler, and make some kind of edge, to make it look kinda pretty. Last i will dip the "pods" Let me hear your thougths! Power rum - 35mm2, under the car.
  11. Holy Moly, what a build.. ​I defiently follow - excited for the front stage!!
  12. Looks like a good start ! ​You can, if you want to, check my take on a startup system
  13. Sweet with the 6th order Thought about doing one my self but did not dare to Ended up with a simple ported (you can see it in my log) What are you aiming for? ​SPL? Lows? Will be fun to follow!