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  1. Next up is amp rack, battery, and sub..
  2. Also did tweeters, did not want to do custom A pillars this time, so they are in the orignal housing.. Last time i did the Massive i did custom a pillars - but the tweeters pointed to much to the middle, making the stage to narrow.. So, now i'm trying to do like this, to see if the stage get as wide as i know is possible.. (Don't talk about the lack of doorhandles, they will go in)
  3. First thing was new door pods.. The Clio only has 5,25 from factory - i wanted 6.5".. the first pair i did (original rebuild) i might burned on a bonfire.. So, now i made these! I'm not complety happy with them - there is some air bubbles in the filler i could not make go away, so they would be better of wrapping.. I've chose to spray them, so at some point i might redo them..!
  4. Hi..! Well, i did it again.. Choose to rip it all apart, and start over.. Well, u know, that is what happens My first build log, was the original ReBuild: https://www.stevemeadedesigns.com/board/topic/206354-renault-clio-ii-re-build-boris-the-boom-boom-bil/ Now on to the new and third rebuild Equipment: HU - Clarion CZ703E Front stage - Massive Audio CK6X Front amplifier - Excursion HXA45 (blew my old Audio System ) Subwoofer - Massive Audio Hippo 152 Subwoofer amplifier - Earthquake PHD10.000W2 I've had some Hertz, and Excursion front speakers since last ReBuild, but none gave me the same feel, and enjoy as the Massive Audio.. When i first did car audio i fell in love with the Hippo's so when i saw them for sale cheaply i grabbed them.. The Earthquake amp is not my dream amp but at the price point i could not resist..! Would love to hear you thoughts about my new build
  5. Magnus Munk

    Earthquake PHD10000W2

    I actually knew, but i did not think about it! So thank you.. I will try to clamp it one day to see what it actually makes! *EDIT* Found source, lost source, but they claimed from repping the boards that they are exactly the same - besides the newer one both had an 4AWG option, and a 0AWG. *SECOND EDIT* Assuming they are the same, then it would be 5kw RMS, from this, http://www.earthquakesound.eu/car-audio/power-house-amplifiers/ph-10000w-d1.aspx *THIRD EDIT* http://www.caraudio.com/forums/car-audio-classifieds-old-replies-only/403110-earthquake-phd10000w-d1.html Says 2500w RMS @ 12V , and 3600w RMS @ 14,4V
  6. Magnus Munk

    Earthquake PHD10000W2

    From looking at this compared to the pictures i provided i am pretty sure that we are right to assume they are more or less equal! https://goo.gl/images/yRcyjH thank you
  7. Magnus Munk

    Earthquake PHD10000W2

    Okay, so to starters i Will just assume they are rather equal, cause there is a lot of information on the newer ones im already on electricals anyway, its my plan to do more power in the furture anyway!
  8. Magnus Munk

    Earthquake PHD10000W2

    #5 Thank you! Where did you find the [email protected] rating? :) I would suggest that means it is 1 ohm stable? That is what im most curious about, to know what to run it at. Yeah, i do know that i should not expected rated - i also notice the 2 awg power inputs, but for what i paid it will be my start up amp while i save up for bigger and better. :) I figured, rather low on power, that no power at All ;)
  9. Magnus Munk

    Earthquake PHD10000W2

    #2 Thank you, but i've already tried! What they could supply me, was a link guide to link two amps, a gain guide, and half a schematic. #3 Thank you, that is not the same amp though!
  10. Magnus Munk

    Earthquake PHD10000W2

    Hello. I own an older EarthQuake PHD10000W/2 - but honestly i do not know much about it. I have a feeling that it might only be stable 2 ohm, but i am not sure? Do anyone have any information regardless to stability , power rating, or other funny buisness about this amp? Pictures, https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ajknz5E0BFD-g_1oeijwSK4nmQggXw Best regards, Magnus.
  11. I tested a bit today - but still only one mid, but both tweeters at -3dB, i think they sound really good - i am mostly impressed about the ability to play loud, with out getting annoying to listen to. I can not yet talk about depth, imagining, listening, stereo perspective and so on, 'cause i still miss a mid in the passenger door
  12. I did not test them yet to be honest, i've only just finished one door panel
  13. Today i got to test the new amp out - and i already got WAY more out of the SSA - love it!!