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  1. Hey everyone had a question about the power handling of the DC level 3s and level 4s with or without some of the upgrades done to them. I am planning on building my first system with higher end components (specifically the DC Audio Subs) and want to make sure that I am taking the right steps to maximizing my systems potential without running the risk of damaging anything in the process. My amplifier is an Alpine MRX-M240 (Alpines biggest amp, currently discontinued) that is cea certified and is bench tested at 2600 watts at 2 ohms so my sub goal is 2 12D2s wired to a 2 ohm load. The box plans are changeable but I was considering a box built by Khaotik Enclosures. Specs are a 4.0ft^3 Volume dual slot ported trupan light MDF double baffle tuned to 32hz. Width 37” Height 16 ½” Depth 22 ¼” My questions regarding the DC subs are pretty much which combination would be the right fit and why 1) Stock level 3s Or level 3s with AR Upgrade Or Level 3s with Carbon Fiber 2) Level 3s with Level 4 Coils 3) Stock level 4s 4) Level 4s with carbon fiber (assuming carbon fiber is lighter than the stock parts) The rest of my system will be up to the task of the power demands as far as any concerns there goes. The rest of the components being as follows. Big 3 is done, an XS Power D3400 installed as a secondary battery, all OFC 1/0 gauge runs. Pioneer headunit, LCi8 audio processor & epicenter bass processor. Sorry for the length but I figure more information is better than not enough. Thanks again for any and all input. I look forward to your responses.
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