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  1. So it should be ok if water splashes up from the tires? Thanks.
  2. So I just got my 2 Skar VVX 15's in my 05 Dakota club cab. They sound great and my cab is deadened from floor to ceiling so it does not move much. I am however noticing that my bed and bedliner are moving quite a bit. How does one go about stopping vibrations on these parts? Is there some sort of dampener that I can put on the inside of the bed panels or quarter panels (if that's what they are called on a truck)? My bed is pretty beat up fromt eh previous owner which is why I did the liner instead of spray on stuff.
  3. noob question about torres physical port length

    That makes sense to me. I know it has been brought up before but with the upgrade going on the old pics are gone. Thanks @Joe X
  4. noob question about torres physical port length

    So I guess I'm asking if my port should be the 27" I have or the 19"?
  5. So I just bought two Skar VVX 15 d4 v3's. Found them on amazon for 123.23 brand new on prime so i decided to give them a try. So I am designing a box using torres and sketchup and I just realized there is a section called physical port length. I designed the box in sketchup using the other port length number and not the physical length. Did I do it backwords. Here is a pic of my torres build and sketchup image of my port. I appreciate any info to clarify this. Thanks.
  6. 10" aeroport box design for 2 Sundown SA-15 v3

    I actually prefer the normal l port. I Just was not sure if there was any major disadvantage to it. I think i will stick with the normal slot then. Thanks again for all the feedback.
  7. 10" aeroport box design for 2 Sundown SA-15 v3

    They are the new v3's d4 BTW.
  8. 10" aeroport box design for 2 Sundown SA-15 v3

    Ok so update. I picked up two skar vvx 15's. Amazon had them new for 123.23 each so 246.46 total with no tax. Couldn't pass it up. They should get enough juice off of my NVX JAD1200.1 which is certified at 1384 at 14.4 at 1 ohm. So I have a new question. Should I go standard "L" shaped slot port or do a center port and could somebody clarify the process of doing a center port and is this a good idea? Do I take the overall width of my port from torres and then make the bottom portion of the port half that width? Then do i divide the remaining length by two for the wings going left and right? I s it worth it or should I just stick with my design above? Thanks alot guys.
  9. 10" aeroport box design for 2 Sundown SA-15 v3

    But it does look like I would not have enough room for a 12 meaning the entrance of my port would be too close to the bottom of the box. So I guess I'm going slot port.
  10. 10" aeroport box design for 2 Sundown SA-15 v3

    Awesome thank for the advice. I am new to Torres and did not know about that function. So now I'm torn. The 12" aero would look the cleanest IMO. But the slot would be cheap but alos a little harder to build than just a sealed box with a baffle with holes. I will have to do some thinking but I appreciate all the feedback and welcome any more that anybody has.
  11. 10" aeroport box design for 2 Sundown SA-15 v3

    How about this one?
  12. 10" aeroport box design for 2 Sundown SA-15 v3

    Awesome I assumed they would have to be the same length but I was not certain. I may just go with a slot port. Much cheaper to build. I will work on a slot design and post my changes to see if they look good. Iappreciate the feedback.
  13. 10" aeroport box design for 2 Sundown SA-15 v3

    yeah i figured the 3500 would be overkill. I am running an sa12 on an nvx jad1200.1 right now. So the 2500 would be perfect. I am trying to keep the number of ports down and I cant port on the sides of my box as the ports would run right into my truck doors. Do you have any suggestions for alternative port sizes or lengths? Or should I just go the easy route and run a slot port? If I ran two ports could one be shorter or longer than the other? Like if i needed 25 inches could one be 15 and one be 10 for example? Thanks.
  14. 10" aeroport box design for 2 Sundown SA-15 v3

    The 23.5 is the vertical height and the 18 is the front to back depth if you know what I mean. I am not sure if I put them in correctly.
  15. Hey guys please take a look at this box design on Torres. Will this work out OK? I see the overall port area is a little low but everything else seems to fall within the correct parameters from what I understand. This is my first aeroport enclosure BTW. I appreciate any advice. I was going to go with two 8" ports but they would need to be 19 long and would not have enough clearance from the bottom of the box and would not fir port up along with the two subs. This is for the back of an 05 dakota club cab. Subs up and port up in the center. I could also invert the subs if needed. Plan on running at least a 2500w amp. maybe even a skar 3500. Thanks.