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  1. Cocoleveo thank you for answering, told me everything I wanted to hear shot mate!
  2. Current looking to purchase 3 new batteries for my vehicle but not sure what to get. My setup consists of a mechman 240(idles at 15.1), Taramps Hd8000(Digital Designs M4b when I have the batts it will go in), 2 xSundown Audio x15s(8.5cu.ft at 33hz) in my daily driver. Im not sure what to go on considering performance I was looking at; 2x Kinetic Hc2400 and 1xKinetic Hc2000 for engine bay OR 2x Northstar (equivalent of Hc2400) and 1x Northstar(equivalent of Hc2000)??? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  3. I'm trying to decide what combination of batteries to buy for my setup, just wondering if you guys could point me in a direction based on what would be best for my setup . I have a mechman 240a(idles at15.1volts), Taramps Hd8000(swapping to Digital Designs M4B soon once batteries are purchased), 2 x Sa X15s V1([email protected]) I am looking at 2 x Northstar group31s and 1x Northstar group27 in the engine bay or; 2 x Kinetic Hc2400 and 1 x Hc2000 in the engine bay???
  4. Box is complete and in needs abit of work and another face, will upload pics soon
  5. I'm looking to run a DD M4b at 1ohm on 2 Sundown Audio V1 X15s in a daily driver. I'm currently running a newly installed mechman 240a that idles at 15volts on two Northstar Red 110s in the rear and optima 55ah infront. Was wondering if I get away with running two Kinetiks Hc2400 at 15volts daily? Would this be ok?
  6. Hi Joe Im going to complete the box this week...Im wondering what size the port opening will be so I dont over cut the side of the box
  7. My stock alternator idles 13.8 on the alternator itself, I think it is dropping to 12.5 at the moment. Besides the big3 and Nsbs and optima everything is stock
  8. Hi Currently stuck in a huge dilemma on what size alternator to get with a 1200cc engine. I'm in South Africa trying to find a replacement Ho alternator for a Fiat Palio 2 2005 1.2 Panelvan. My vehicle consists of 1 x Taramps Hd8000, 1 xPioneer 4ch amp on 2 x Nsb red 110ah and front Optima Bluetop with a 56ah rating. I found a guy in Sa that has BRAND new 170amp and 240amp 6phase universal(as he claims) or S series alternators for sale but I am not sure if running these will put strain or cause any problems with my motor??? Any views on this???
  9. Im going to use the sakyno I currently have until the DD T2 tweeters gets into South Africa in December
  10. Im currently installing deadner in the front doors, there is a noticeable difference on the front left. I have fallen behind abit so I will complete the drivers door today. I previously had my front and rear speakers playing off the deck but going to install a Pioneer Gm-9604 and upgraded rca's and DD VO-M6s speakers in the front but Im abit worried as their frequency response is 70 Hz – 13kHz but the sensitivity is 97db. Would this be a reasnoable front stage? http://www.ddaudio.com/products/mobile-audio/voice-optimized/vo-m65 http://www.pioneer.com.au/au/products/25/29/182/GM-D9604/specs.html
  11. I know the current box of 7.6cu.ft which you designed for my old inferior subs plays but there is no highs. Im just worried I get a lack of the higher frequencies but then again I shouldnt of bought Sundowns then lol. I got a email from Yash saying I need 9cu.ft for them to play in so I was planing to invert the subs (adding 0.22 x2drivers= 0.44co.ft) taking the box to 8.94 cu.ft. Do you think I should try this? Also wanted to add a angle piece infront of the port inside the box, would this show a noticable improvment or just waste space? Thanks for all your help
  12. Hi Joe Looking to do this box in the next 3days, just wondering if I could turn this into a single 10 or 12inch port instead of the slot? Will use the same box dimensions
  13. Hi Tobias Imsure Joe X can help but you would have to supply the maxium dimensions for him to design the box around
  14. Nice to have a backup plan incase I use the wifes car which is tiny and has seats. I defianately want to run both otherwise buying a panelvan would of been a waste. Only problem is the the two are not doing justice as the gains are way down so they don't get sticky and hot. Running the deck at 42vol otherwise the voltage starts dropping. Guess in the end Im still stuck with the alternator Dilemma...and two x15s that I can't utilise just yet \
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