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  1. Quest for 150db

    His Colorado has 16 12s in it right now, it's fucking nuts. But I love DD so if it's not too expensive I may just stick to that
  2. Quest for 150db

    Yeah man he's not done me wrong yet. He hooked me up with 2 12s and I'm hitting 143.7. I'll talk to him and see what he thinks would work best. His truck was hitting a 160 at the competition I went to with him
  3. Quest for 150db

    Okay cool, right now I have a DC 270a alt, I could go up to a 370 or something if need be, I'm also running one 3400 under the hood. Should I throw a couple more 3400s in the trunk or just go with 2 3100 like you said?
  4. Quest for 150db

    So that's about 5-6 grand between subs and power probably, I'm trying to calculate the full cost, how many batteries would I need?
  5. Quest for 150db

    Or 3 m5
  6. Quest for 150db

    So what about 6 dd9915 on 2 dd m5s?
  7. Quest for 150db

    My installer is Cole Morris usually, sometimes Scott Dillon or another guy that works at their shop, I don't remember his name, but it's Travis something.
  8. Quest for 150db

    I don't even have the money for a 10 grand system, but I use my system as a stress reliever, so I'm listening to it on near full hours and hours a day, I'd rather spend 30k once than 10k 3 times and keep blowing shit if it's cheap.
  9. Quest for 150db

    Damn that's nice! In that case, I'd go with 4 9915s on 1 or 2 m5s
  10. Quest for 150db

    Would I get pretty decent lows and kinda be able to hair truck at 6-9k? Because if I go with a wall that's what I'd want to be able to do, that's why I was thinking I should go with 30k
  11. Quest for 150db

    Going with a 30k would cost 10k or the ampere would be 10k?
  12. Quest for 150db

    4 15s in a wall not in a trunk, should have mentioned that sorry
  13. Quest for 150db

    I would love to wall it, roughly how much would it cost to get 4 or 6 15s on around 30k?
  14. Quest for 150db

    Yeah the 4 15s sounds like the best idea. Right now my two 12s are hitting 143.7 anyway so might as well just go big or go home
  15. Quest for 150db

    no reason the 12s couldn't do that. they play just as low as a 15. Should I just get a new box then? Because with my current box I"m kind of afraid to play really low on then, I had 2 612s in the box before and I blew one of them playing some got160s demo music.