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  1. Awesome build man. Gotta love trunk installs. Anybody can build a box and throw it in there, but to make it all look clean and make it look like it belongs takes a lot of skill. Definitely taking some pointers from this build for mine.
  2. Looking to upgrade my system and seeing if anybody has any level 3 or level 4 12's they are willing to part with.
  3. How big are you going to make the box for that thing? My buddy just got one from some wheelin and dealin and we were told that they need anywhere from 4-5 cu ft after displacements. Is that really true??
  4. Read through this while im at work doin nothin. this is freakin awesome man! that wood work is just out of this world. totally watching this to see whats next.
  5. So i am somewhat new into the audio world. I was around it alot as a kid, but could not tell you anything i learned since i joined the military. I currently have a BC2000D powering a 13W7. Yes, many dont like the sub, and im one of those people. It has a torn spider and JL will not fix it. Im taking it out and putting in my room for a night stand lol. I know i want 2 12's, but im undecided on i should get. 2 SA 12's or 2 DC LV 3 12's or something different. With the crescendo, i know i can power either with some head room if wired correctly. I will be putting these in the trunk of a 2010 Ford Focus SE with 1/0 sky high power wire, and an XS Power batt in the back where the spare tire should be. I was just seeing what some opinions were of the guys one here. Thank you for all of the help.
  6. Love this build! I just started getting into the audio world and love it. I have a 2010 Focus SE that im starting to put stuff in. I love seeing what people do with these cars. Im tuned in for all future changes man!
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