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  1. Thank you for your reply, I don't know this problem. do you know problems with any other brand?
  2. I have a problem to set gain to Taramps amplifier full range HD series. I use it with great satisfaction with amplifier with korean board (no problem to set gain and overlap). I'm trying to set a HD3000 taramps, I set headunit to maximum undistorted volume and gain amplifier minimum, just prove to turn up gain amplifier I have immediately distortion after this, pass to set overlap to 3db. In the end with two Taramps HD 3000, two HD 800, HD 2500 ad so on, gain of amplifier it's just up to minimum. This is normal? Or with Brazilian amplifier or Taramps amplifier DD-1 plus have some problems?
  3. HI I want build a box a manifold project, but have some restriction about dimension, max measure are length 35.83", high 19.68" and depth 43.31". I don't want a loud box but it to go near spl box (52Hz it is Fs of my car). Usually use program simulator like WinISD or BassBox, but these programs have not manifold project. I think about something like this: Measure are metrical. What do you think about this box? Port Area: about 136.41 sq. in. Port Length: 42.13"
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