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  1. Looking for an amp to run a single sa 15 at around 1000-1200w rms. Budget is under $200. Currently considering a Kenwood KAC-9106D or A Hifonics H35 Hercules 2400w. Thanks for any help. This is going to be my first sub system.
  2. I would be running them on 1k rms each (probably less if the amp doesn't put out exactly 1k to each sub at 1ohm) but the box I will be using is one from sundownaudio.Com (recommended box for 2 15s) I listen to a lot of rap, edm, country, djsnt, decaf, got160s, and music like that.
  3. Would running 2 SA 15s on 2k be safe? Probably would run on a hifonics amp.
  4. Alright, this may be a stupid question, but I'm new to all of this. So the SCV-2000d puts out 2000w rms @ 1 Ohm. Would each X-15 receive 2000w RMS or only 1000w RMS each? (2 Sundown X-15s) Thanks for any help.
  5. im just wondering what the best amp would be to run 2 SA-15's. My budget is about $300-$400 for an amp. Thanks for any help!!
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