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  1. I have the Skar Audio SPX65C 6.5" component speakers. There are 3 switches on the crossovers and I do not understand them. Is there anyone that can explain each of the 3 switches to me, what they mean, what their functions are, what each setting would do? My car audio terminology is not very advanced so simple terms would be best, if possible. Here is a pic of the crossover then 3 pics of the different switches. any help is appreciated. In case you have trouble viewing th epics, here is a description of the 3 switches: "TW" - settings are 0, -3db, -6db "Mid" - settings are high, flat Unlabeled switch - settings are 18db, 12db
  2. Thanks guys. I set my sub amp with the subwoofer level on the HU set at 0. I used track 4 on disc A for maximum sound quality. The sub doesn't sound the best until it is in the volume range of 30-34, with 34 being the max undistorted volume on the HU. I will try again with the subwoofer level on the HU set at its max of +15 and see what the difference is. Also, when I set the gains on my 4 channel full range amp, (which i am using the HP filters on), i set the gain with the filter switch set to off. Is this the correct filter setting when setting the gain on the 4 channel amp, even though I am using it on the HP setting?
  3. When using the DD 1 to set the gain on any amp, I know that all EQ are suppose to be set at zero or flat. I have an Alpine CDE-123 HU. It has a subwoofer level control which goes from 0 to +15. When I am setting the gain on the sub amp, am I suppose to have the subwoofer level on the HU set to the max of +15? Thanks
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