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  1. $250 ish . i dont like to buy used unless its either open-box or manufacturer refurbished i'll probably put the e10's in my sister's car. i dont know how to sell stuff like this, what to charge etc..
  2. last year i bought two sundown audio e10's and put them in a sealed enclosure of one cuft each after displacement. those e10's are actually pretty good. the e12v3 were not available at the time of purchase. now they are. i want a sealed enclosure because i dont care for loudness, just the vibration and deep feel it in your chest { not sure if im describing it correctly}. im in a honda accord sedan. space is limited to me and i need as much room as possible . my current box is 28"w x 15"h x 8.5"d if i take out my e10's and build A box for two e12v3's sealed would there be good enough difference to justify the cost ?? im looking at 4" extra.
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