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  1. Ive already got a XS power battery and have the Big 4 with 1/0 wire, so I think it can take it. You should have no problem then running that. Those subs will be begging for more though. How did everyone figure out that .66. I have only ever used 12volt and could never find anything I would understand for formulas to figure out how to do what ever configuration I wanted. I use these websites........... http://www.bcae1.com/spkrmlti.htm http://www.speakerimpedance.co.uk/?page=calculator
  2. Ive already got a XS power battery and have the Big 4 with 1/0 wire, so I think it can take it.
  3. Do you guys think I would have any problems running 3 x-12's dual 4ohm coils on the SCV3000D. I have a mechman 270 amp Alt.
  4. Cause I already have 4 Sa 10s and was looking to upgrade and would like to keep a smaller sub with bigger sound, cause everybody wants 15's.
  5. Im running 4 sa 10 d4s and looking to upgrade my amps. I would like to have one amp to run all 4 but cant find a decent amp at .5 ohms. What would you guys recommend for one large amp or two smaller amps and what size is best for sa 10's?
  6. So pretty much all of you are saying is that the DD-1 is telling me that what I thought was amazing bass was pretty much clipped signal and distortion.
  7. I agree I listened to mine full tilt for the better part of a year and by what the DD-1 shows with distortion but still never did smell any voice coils so I may just use the DD-1 for my mids amps and HU but setup my subs by ear cause they hit a lot better even if there is distortion I never could tell...
  8. I used the -10db when I first got the DD-1 and switched to the -7.5.db by what others suggested on here but couldnt really tell much difference. Ok I'll try completely disconnecting them.
  9. I listen to mostly Rap but like a little of everything, I unhooked just one wire from the sub........Rae Sremmurd - Yno
  10. I know it wont make it louder but I cant believe that ive been distorting my sa 10s for almost a year daily and they never smell or have failed.
  11. Im running at 1ohm on both amps and I have the big 3 upgrade. what Im saying is my system sounded extraordinary until I set the gains with the DD-1, but now it just sounds ok and nothing else has been changed.
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