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  1. I've checked ebay and Amazon with no luck. My test lead is malfunctioning and my cd is very scratched. Is there a store for accessories? I know my DD-1 unit is good but I’m getting intermittent performance on the test leads. I cannot get my amp to clip using the -5db 100Khz tone through my DSP at the amp’s speaker outputs but I can get max volume to light up real bright using the -0DB test tone for the head unit through the DSP and at the same amps speaker outputs I’m using the High Level setting on the Alpine DSP like I’m supposed to so maybe the CD is scratched where that tone is or the test leads are breaking .
  2. Thank you gentleman. I will set my max volume to the lowest clipping setting of 11 and then I will used -5db and -10db tones for setting the mid and sub amps. Rock on my friends...
  3. Finding my max volume level from my oem head unit through my Alpine DSP that goes to my two amps is stumping me. My head unit goes from 0-16 on the dial. When I use my DD-1 on my 4 channel amp using the 0db 100Khz track, I clip at 11 on the volume knob. But, when I use the 40hz track for my 2ch sub amp, I clip at 14 on the volume knob. Where do I leave my volume knob when setting my amp gains? ....... Do I leave max volume at 11 for setting both amp gains or do I set the amps using the 2 different max volume levels I get when reading the head unit through those amps? One amp clips at 11 and one amp clips at 14. What do you do? Also, when setting gains, should I go with the -5db tone on the 4channel and use the -10db tone for the sub amp..or.. Go with -5db tones for both? I listen to 70’s and 80’s classic rock and just want that clean, crisp and loud full range sound. Equipment: Alpine PXA-H800 DSP Kicker SX900.4 (4ch) Kicker SX900.2 (2ch) (2 sets) Morel Hybrid 6 3/4” Comps (2) Infinity Kappa1000W Subs Sealed Thanks in advance!
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