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  1. This am while bumping,heard sub distorting . Lost loudness & bass from sub. Before this happened at volume 20 it’s super loud. Now at 20 it sounds like 10. I didn’t smell any burning smell. Amp wasn’t hot at all either. I decided to swap out amps to my other truck since I have the same set up. And sure enough it’s the amp. Is amp toast? Any signs to look for? Amp is a Rockford Fosgate T1500.BD
  2. The humming noise happens even if I un plug the rca cables. So I don’t think they are the issues. Going to open up amp and see if anything is lose and move gain know around to see it if does it. Got off the phone with Rockford Fosgate and they charge a flat rate of $195 to fix what ever the issue is. Which is not bad for the $1150 I paid for it
  3. Just tapped on the section where the gains,punch setting are at and it stopped. It’s more like the gain button. What can be lose or making it do this ?
  4. Finally had my system tune after finishing the system. Loud humming noise comes from the sub at times. I made sure the rca inputs are nice & tight. I played with the gain button and seems like it makes the humming from there. Not sure tho. has anyone dealt with this or know what it can be?
  5. Back on here for help,just finished installing a 12” sundown xv3 in a ported boxed tuned to 32htz. Powered by a Rockford Fosgate t1500BD It’s in my semi,under my bed behind driver seat facing the back wall. I was told sub/port should be facing towards the back wall so bass can return towards front end. Is that true? Can I have the sub facing towards front? Or would I lose bass/waves etc? I have the same set up in my suv,facing towards the back and I can feel the bass shaking my ears lol but then again it’s not under a bed
  6. Is birch wood better then mdf for low bass etc?
  7. Gotcha,thinking about isntead of double baffling I will just build a support to hold the motor of the sub. And will be going with mdf
  8. Building a subwoofer box,ported for a 12” sundown xv.3 sundown. Site recommends 32hz 29” W 16” H 21” D Does the box specs to be at these specifications that sundown requires? Or can it be a bit smaller of a box or larger? Also what is better mdf or birch ?
  9. Gotcha,this one just warms up I can touch it and feel it. Guess I’ll be checking the ones in both our personal cars later. I just never paid attention to them. Both the other amps have the same set up as well Appreciate the info
  10. Thanks,like I’ve said I never paid attention to them LOL just purchased this one new and it was a hefty price. Wanting to make sure I don’t toast it LOL. What was the length of your 4 awg to the map if you recall? Also did you run the recommended amp fuses ?
  11. Infrasonic filter is set to on,like I said I’ve never paid attention to the heat on this RF amps. Just curious as to why amp would warm up when it’s not playing anything. I will play servals songs at a decent volume and keep an eye on amp see how hot it gets Also this amp it recommended a 200 amp fuse,Im only running a 100 amp. Can that that force it to pull juice cause to warm up?
  12. Yes it’s ofc,a Rockford fosgate amp kit. Running 0 gauge to the 4 gauge would that be a reason for the am to run warm then? For the sub wire I’m using 8 gauge cca audiopipe cable. Is it pulling to much power? Like stated RF amps run warm or do I need to re check everything else
  13. 12ft for the power wire? That is 0 gauge from the batteries with a 150 amp fuse to the distribution block putting out 2 ft of 4 gauge power wire to the amp with a 100 amp fuse
  14. How long do you recommend for power wire to be? This system is in my semi,amp is mounted near rear window. I’ve only had system in there for two days. Today I spend all day on phone truck driver problems I’ve only played like two songs, most of the day volume was at zero. It doesn’t get super hot that you can’t touch it. Just stays warms out of 10 I’d say 5. I have the same amp in my personal truck,I’ve never paid attention to the warmth of it. But the one on my rig i have since I can touch it from reaching my hand back there. I read that Rockford fosgate amps run hot. Here’s a pic of where it’s mounted. I actually looking at an amp fan now
  15. All checks good,voltage is above 12v and sub is at 1ohm. Gain is set to little under 2. Like I said it’s not hot where you can’t touch it. It warms up about normal,just wondering if any one else has thought about it. Also any input on how long power wire should be?
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