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  1. wondering if its worth it to build a box for 2 12 inch alpine type s subs or if upgrading to type r's or sundowns would be worth it? anyone ever compared Type Rs to Type Ss? is the difference noticeable enough to justify the price difference?
  2. It looks like you had a lot of effort into those sketches, that's a lot better than some people do!
  3. my box is going to be 14 inches tall, accounting for 3/4 inch mdf on top and bottom of port that leaves 12.5 inches of port height, and to have 20+ inches of port area I'm going with a 1.75 inch wide slot port, giving me 21.875 inches of port area. the volume of subwoofer magnet is .06 cubic feet and added to the 1.5 cubic foot recommendation that's 1.56 cubic feet. when i use a port calculating software http://www.mobileinformationlabs.com/HowTo-1Woofer-Box-CAL%20Port%20lenth%201.htm tuned to 32 hz it recommends 32.17 inches in length when I use a height of 12.5 inches and a width of 1.75. the area of the port 12.5 x 1.75 x 32.17 = 703.71 divided by 1728 gives me .4 cubic feet of port area. my question is do I add this to the box volume giving a box volume of 1.96 cubic feet when including the port, or do i subtract it from 1.56 giving me a sub box volume of 1.16 including the port?? the port wall volume is .17 cubic feet and idk how to factor that in either thinking my gross box volume will be 2.13 cubic feet per chamber. thats 1.5 ft^3 plus .57 ft^3 for the port volume plus port wall displacement plus .06ft^3 for subwoofer magnet displacement. Is this correct or am I messing something up. I tried to include all math so you could spot any miscalculations
  4. MDF or birch plywood both can work well. They both have their respective advantages and disadvantages. Good birch ply is better than MDF in my opinion, but MDF is better than crappy birch. Does the recommended box volume include the volume of the port or do I add that on
  5. girls who add a few pink accents to their car to make it girly but it just clashes and ruins an otherwise good looking car
  6. I have a 2000 Honda Civic coupe and want to put in a pair of Alpine Sws-12d4 12 inch subwoofers in a ported box. I want to go slot ported with each sub getting a separate chamber, ports on opposite ends of box, wanting to tune in the 32-34 hz range. I mostly listen to hiphop and rap music but rock occasionally. The manufacturer recommends 1.5 cubes each. don't know how to work the design software so was hoping someone could help me out with a cut sheet. I can get measurements of trunk if necessary. pairing the sub with a hifonics brx1100.1d, each sub getting 600 rms, Alpine recommends 500rms but I wont turn my gains more than half. upgrading my power wire and ground from 8g to 4g. want the box to look like this one unless centered ports are better