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  1. Lots of progress since I last updated this post. Done several shows, and consistently place 1st/1st or 1st/2nd at every show. Best scores at a show with the single 15 was 147.0 sealed, and 150.4 outlaw. Since then, I've switched to two DC XL 12's. Still running two DC 2.0k's strapped at 1 ohm (.5 ohm per amp). Best at a show with the 12's has been 146.3 sealed and 151.2 outlaw, but it's done far better in testing. When I test, it's typically in a air conditioned shop at ~75 degrees. Both shows I've been to, the temps have been ~90 degrees, and my car does terrible in high temps. Sealed, it loses about .1db for every degree above 80. In testing, prior to the last show I did, it did a best of 147.8 sealed under 2500 watts, and a 148.7 at around 3500 watts. Did some testing this past weekend, and FINALLY got my 50 sealed out of it. Tested at around 85*, so hopefully I'll get this score at a show. Full-ish tilt Under 2500 watts May sandbag until finals in September. May let this out at the next show. Who knows.
  2. Went to my second competition yesterday, and beat my best score in testing by .1. Ended up doing a 149.8 in testing (outlaw) and got a 149.9 at the show. Did a little more testing today, and finally got my 50! Recone is ordered so I can strap at 1 ohm (.5 per amp). Shooting for 150 sealed, and around a 52ish outlaw.
  3. Changes... I got tired of always having to schedule around my friend to use his termlab, so I bought one of my own. New box is in. Sub up, external aero port forward. 8 inch port tuned at ~45 hz. Also added another 2k amp, strapping at 2 ohms (1 ohm per). Will be ordering a recone tomorrow so I can strap at 1 ohm. I have a 6 inch port for daily use tuned around 33ish. Sealed on the dash. In the kick, drivers window mostly down.
  4. I'm doing a trunk build myself in a 03 Civic sedan. Here's what I've found and it might be helpful to you. I'm running a single 15 on a 2k amp. Slot ported box. Current best is 145.8, so I'm not loud by any stretch of the imagination, but here's what's worked for me so far. Sub and port forward, sealing off the trunk, was the worst. Lost 3 full DB. Not .3, but THREE DB. Sub and port back was second worst, but I don't recall the exact loss. Sub/port forward with the box slid all the way back (furthest to the rear), was .3 lower than loudest. Sub up port rear, box slid half way back, was second loudest. .1 less than loudest. This is what I initially started with. Sub up port forward with the box all the way back was loudest.
  5. Thanks. I just KNEW it would be louder sealed. To the ear, it was. That was disappointing. 20 or so hours in doing that just to lose 3db. And I'm still cleaning up spray foam. ugh.
  6. Been through several changes since the last time I updated this, and been on the meter several times as well. DID do a sub/port forward box with the trunk sealed off, and LOST 3DB! Ended up going back with the original box and turning it around, and gained .1 db from my previous best, bringing me to 145.0. Went to my first competition with it a few weeks ago, and took 1st in one class and 3rd in another. Since then I've swapped out my DC Level 4 sub to a DC XL. Was wired at .7 ohms and now at .5 ohms. Also ditched the stock alt and upgraded to a Singer 260a. Back on the meter last night and it did 145.8 sealed and 146.8 outlaw. Will have new box next week for it. Doing sub up port forward with an adjustable external aero port. And have another 2k amp on the way. After I see what the new box does, I'll add the other amp and strap at 2 ohms (1 ohm per amp). Determined to get 150 out of the trunk.
  7. I had the AVH4800 up until a week ago. It clipped at 40, but not at 39. Verified with a DD1.
  8. Angle grinder or similar makes it easy. I've done 1 recone, and from start to finish itntook memories than 1 hour.
  9. Back on the meter this evening. Re-coned the Level 4 with XL parts, going from a D2 to D1.4. NO other changes from last time on the meter. Went from 143.6 sealed to a 144.9. Outlaw score went from a 145.1 to a 146.5. EXTREMELY happy with this. Was HOPING for a .5 gain, and expecting .3ish. Building my new box (sub/port forward) and sealing off the trunk. Also running new power wire (replacing CCA with OFC), replacing my mids/highs amp with a DC 90.4, and deadening the roof and welding up a roof brace that broke recently, and a couple other small things. Going to try to see how close to 150 I can get this sub/amp setup I'm running.
  10. Not enough space in the trunk to turn the existing box with the port to the driver side (unless 1/3 of the box is in the back seat), and have no intention of building a burp box for the car. BUT, next box will be larger for sure, and PROBABLY going to seal it off from the trunk...but will play around a little with it. Going to see how loud I can get this sub/amp. Port/sub foward, sealing off trunk, HO alt, and likely going to recone to a D1.4. Hoping to see 146-ish with that.
  11. Thanks! I'm hoping to get 146 or so without doubling power. We shall see...
  12. 2003 Civic 4 door Stock alt 2 Group 34 Autocraft AGM's 3 cubes @ 33 hz box, sub up port back Original setup was a Sundown SAE 1000 and a SA-15. That did 139.9 sealed. Switched to a DC Audio level 4 and a DC 2.0k, and got metered again today. 143.6 sealed! 145.1 in the kick with the drivers door open. Was HOPING for a 143.0, and would have been happy with 142. Am extremely happy with the 43.6. Going to do sub/port foward and seal off the trunk soon, along with a couple other changes, and shoot for 146ish.
  13. 2003 Honda Civic 70 amp alternator 2 Group 34 AGM batteries DC Audio 2.0k Execution Audio 60.4 Drops down to 12.7 driving, 11.8 at idle (admittedly haven't played at idle for longer than 30 to 45 seconds).
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