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  1. Thanks, I would check it out but it seems to be pretty well hidden. I actually dropped a couple of PMs to a few people who looked like they were into the old school, judging from their posts. However no one seems too enthusiastic about it to want to talk. Oh well, I guess the old school is dead on here.
  2. In my experience most people who are not half deaf can spot the difference. Active, or passive, makes no odds, So long as the amplifier and speakers are of decent quality. Anyway, back to the OLD SCHOOL... Post up any photos, if you have any
  3. Hi guys, I've been into car audio since '95, on and off. I am recently getting back into it again. I plan on building a small simple system using some old school kit. I loved those old cheater systems, where it all runs from a single amp - early 90s style. Although I would love to have a more modern front end, such as lossless files and an Apple Car Play screen. Anyway, a couple of NOS pieces I have lined up... Rockford 60ix, Soundstream PC100 tri-mode passive crossover, Phoenix Gold power distribution, Morel speakers. I would upload some photos but I cannot see a tool to do that...? If you are also into old school please post up your photos
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