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  1. I had a little play around with the measurements is this one looking any better
  2. Thanks will have another play around then to see what I can come up with
  3. Is that there is to much port area ? if that's the case would I be better off going for something like a 1.5 - 1.75" wide port instead ?
  4. Hi guy's, I was wondering if one or two of you's could check my plans over please before I start building my new box. I'm using a JBL GT5 12" which is being powered by a 220wRMS JBL amp. I haven't added a double baffle to the plans as i'm still in 2 minds if I should or not. I know i've asked a few times about plans mainly for my old sub but sadly never got to make a start due to ill health & a sudden death in the family but i'm well enough at the moment & will be getting my wood this week.
  5. Thanks for your input Bret, I was looking at setting the tuning to 33-34hz, I may have tracked down some 4" pipe but at the moment can't find a 90' bend to fit it as I really need to keep the enclosure as shallow as I can for room in the truck. The car is a Ford Mondeo which is like the Ford Fusion sold in the US I was planing on having the sub rear firing along with the port but am now wondering if I had the port firing to the side if it would sound ok
  6. Would be grateful for any help & Happy New Year guy's
  7. After 16 years of use my old JBL GT3 sub has has gone into retirement & has been replaced with a brand new JBL GT5 12". I know JBL recommend a 1.75ft^3 ported enclosure with a 4" tube port 10" long but here in the UK i'm finding it very hard to get 4" pvc pipe unless it's thick walled drainage pipe which you can only get in a 10ft length & it's not cheap? so am thinking of maybe a slot port or using 2x 2.5" round ports which I have, the sub is being powered by a JBL amp pushing 220WRMS bridged at 4 ohm. I was wondering if someone could possibly give me a plan for an enclosure of something like 1.8-1.9ft^3 my max width is 35.5", hight of around 15" & with as least depth possible so I keep as much room in the trunk as I can Thiele-Small parameters FS(Hz) 29 VAS(l.) 54 QTS 0.58 QMS 6.39 QES 0.61 BL(Tm) 15.2 CMS(mm/N) 135 RMS(kg/s) 6.359 LE(mH) 0 MMS(gr) 223 VD(l.) 0.753 SD(mm.2) 53000 X-Max(mm.) 14.2 X-Mech(mm.) 0 RE(Ohm) 4 General specifications Max power(W.) 1100 RMS power(W.) 275 Number of coils 1 Impedance Z-Nom(Ohm) 4 Reference efficiency η0(%) 0 Sensitivity(dB) 1-W 85.2 Sensitivity(dB) 2.8-V 0
  8. Great build? over here in the UK your truck is called the Shogun sport & in Europe it's the pajero sport & they mainly came with the 2.5L diesel engine
  9. I have 2 options for the amp, 1 is to secure a panel to the side of the trunk some how & fit the amp onto that or the other option which i'm quiet liking the idea of due to looks is to make 2 slanted uprights that are glued & screwed to the top of the enclosure with a panel fitted to the uprights which the amp would be secured to so the amp would sort of look as if it's floating above the enclosure
  10. Sorry for the little bump to my post just after scratching my head so many times on how to get an enclosure to give me as much space in the truck I think this could be the final box plan &just would like to know if it looks ok before I go &get the wood &start cutting. I still have no idea where i'm going to put my amp yet as I don't think there is going to be enough room behind the box might try a sort of floating amp above the box
  11. Been trying to work out tuning for a slot ported wedge shape enclosure but have had to give up on it due not being able to work out the length of the port as the distance of the port to the rear panel is different top & bottom & not sure if this would cause problems with the sound my only other option for a wedge shaped box is to go for an aero port but that's something I would have to make as you can't just buy them here in the UK unless you need it 4" long but I might have a go at making an aero port. Anyway if all else fails I will just have to go for a rectangular enclosure & would be grateful if someone could check over these plans for me please & possibly tell me how long the port walls need to be
  12. Thanks for that port will have to be in an L shape to fit in the box so that would make it 4 common walls then ? I better change things then &will put up the changes to see if it works out right
  13. I've just downloaded the torres calculator & wondered if I put the right info in & also wondered about the wedge shaped enclosure details mainly for the port length as the port would go along one side & along the back of the box & is thereenough port area ?
  14. Think i'm going to have to change my plans as a square port isn't going to do it for me when it comes to looks & 4" pvc pipe here in the UK isn't that cheap & all I can find is thick wall pipe? ideally I would like a wedge shaped enclosure 14" high, around 35" wide (can't go wider) & with a difference of 3" between the top panel & base so it would fit nicely against the back seat with a 2" wide port but i'm struggling badly to work it out. I have tried to work out a rectangular enclosure but think i've got the maths wrong 34" wide, 14" high, 11.25" with a 2" port 24.8" long would give a 35Hz tuning & a net volume of 1.9ft^3 ? net volume can be dropped to 1.8ft^3 if needed Sorry for being such a pain with all of the questions & asking for so much help
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