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  1. Hey guys, can this be repaired, or am I out to buy a new woofer? How do i post pic?
  2. Just finished installing a DC 1.2K running (2) M3 8's.....threw the subs in a quick sealed .75 cube each enclosure....holy hell, it sounded BAD....I KNOW I SCREWED UP using a sealed box, was in a hurry to get them running, so here I am needing enclosure design help. It's in a 2015 Honda Accord EX-L sedan. I'm very handy, can make me own enclosures, have done so many times. I'm an old school audio junkie from way back, just getting back in, used to use a ton of the old school, American made RF power equipment back in the day, now switched to DC.....again please help......i can answer any questions to help
  3. Quick question... On the DC audio 1.2K amplifier, is the RCA output "full range" or controlled by the included crossover?