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  1. I know my local shop will replace a crossfire sub regardless. I mean I bought sundown and I like sundown better for several reasons. However I have a goofy friend that bought an entry level cross fire sub and a 500.1 crossfire amp he blew 2 subs and they switched them out no questions asked. On the 3rd he upgraded to the mid level and he hasn't blew it but I don't know how it hasn't blowed lol he distorts that thing to death.
  2. Is sundown audio's warranty any good? If I blow a sub using recommended power with recommended enclosure will they fix it? ( i know volume kills subs not power) Their warranty section online wasn't real impressive if that's wat they go by 100% of the time. I own 2 sa12's and was gonna order 2 more for my wife's suv but while i was in my local shop I had a conversation with the crossfire rep. I know his job is to sell crossfire but when I told him what I was installing he said "at least you get a warranty with crossfire". I informed him I had a two year warranty and he said "blow a sub and see if they cover you". Supposedly crossfire covers anything including stupidity. My question is has anyone used sundowns warranty on a sub and if so did they cover you? Sorry for the long post!!!
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