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  1. Probably cheaper up front just to buy another 3k anyway. Thanks for the response man. You think my electrical is up to par for all that?
  2. Im kind of at a crossroads at the moment building my new setup. I have a dc level 6 18 and not sure how I want to power it. I currently have an scv3k from my last set up amd am not sure if I should buy a second and just strap them @.5 each and call it a day or sell it and buy a 5k. Sub is obviously dual 2. My electrical is a singer 220, 2 runs skyhigh 1/0 ofc, d3400 under the hood and 2 deka g31 agm's in the back. I plan to send my alt back to singer and have it rewound and rebuilt to 320 amp VERY soon. Just wondering if you guys had any insight and what your thoughts were. Box is 5.5 @32 if it matters. Thanks!
  3. Alright so I have a level 6 18 and want to run it sub up in a trunk car. How tall would my enclosure need to be for the vents on the bottom of the motor need to be to function properly and not choke the shit out of the sub? I know the mounting depth is 13 inches but how much more clearance would it need beyond that. Thanks.in case it matters the car is an 03 accord coupe with pretty decent electrical but at the moment it'll only be seeing a sundown scv3k but I will remedy that shortly.