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  1. So to open the topic back up. Talked to sonic and they didn't want to give me a free return label. Untill I told them it was confirmed by nvx and Tony himself that it does not work with the dd1. After that I said I also gave email stating this from nvx and this topic showing there's no way to truly confirm sonics dyno test and asked if they wanted to see it. Got a very Stern no thanks. Doubt they want anyone to know lol. Also the girl said sonic is nvx. Is this true?
  2. Well my first post was a banger on here over 80 replies. Thank again Tony! Def returning myn not messing with it and getting the ts1.3 tonight
  3. So nvx says there is a problem with dd1 and Tony says there is not. Soooooo let's get nvx or tony to validate there claims
  4. And my cobalt puts a min of 13.3 to the amp and hangs out around 13.8
  5. I tuned myn with 40hz voltage hitting 40 for 800w at 2ohms and the amp is hot and the sub warm so I've tried my hand at tuning it
  6. Tony ? So he's never heard of any dd1 not working on particular amps ?
  7. Think I could find used stuff better quality for same price so. But if the amps true on the clames I'd keep it
  8. Eh I'm in between returning everything i bought and keeping everything lol
  9. Anyone recommend a good amp around same price that does 1200+ @1ohm? Basically the reason why I bought it so :L kinda upsetting
  10. Still don't get how sonic electronics came to the results this amp does 1300+ @ 1ohm if the dyno doesn't register distortion??? Fairly sure nvx and sonic owe me a explanation.. they have sold a shit load of these amps and no one seems to know about the dd1 problem
  11. This amp seems to be the same as the Polk audio 1000.1 wonder if that amp does the second thing. And I wonder who truly makes the amp. Could call and ask them if I knew
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