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  1. Sundown sax 125.4 protection mode

    the local RadioShack we have is also a registered sundown dealer as well as a few other brands, this is where I purchased the amp new back in November. I'm also powering it with 1/0 gauge sky high ofc wire
  2. Sundown sax 125.4 protection mode

    My sundown sax 125.4 keeps going into protect when volume is turned up loud, amp is brand new gain is turned maybe an 1/8 of the way up if that, its powering 4 Rockford fosgate punch pro 6.5's and 4 fosgate p1 tweeters. It will play fine at low volume no issues. Does anyone know of what it could be causing this?
  3. Zv4 15 enclosure dimensions/cut sheet list

    Available dimensions are 47.5"w 22"H 48"D
  4. Zv4 15 enclosure dimensions/cut sheet list

    Sorry meant to type a 5 not a 7. A 5 cubic foot box. I'll get some measurements up asap. The sub will be ran on a sundown scv 2000, listen to mostly rap music as well.
  5. Looking for anyone that can provide dimensions and a cut sheet list for a single sundown audio zv4 15. Wanting around a 7 cubic foot box, The box will be in a 1995 Yukon so I have a good bit of space to work with as far as measurements go, don't have exact measurements off the top of my head. Any help would be nice.