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  1. 1/8 inch closed foam. Make sure you lightly take a da sander with 220 grit and knock the shiney top layer off the foam on both sides for good adhesion. As for glue, I use weldwood spray grade contact adhesive and spray it through a hvlp gun with a 1.8 tip
  2. Sounds like a party ! I'll have my grill on the back of my truck if anyone wants to use it.
  3. Definitely hit me up down there. I wanna hear that beast......and 16hrs ! And I thought 6 was a haul for me !
  4. Who all is going and where's everybody staying at ?
  5. I static dropped it initially and rolled it for a couple months but that just wasn't getting it. So i blew it back apart and bagged it.....funny how that happens.
  6. I browse the 400 forum occasionally but not a member. And yup, it is a true 1ton that I cut up. I do still tow with it tho, boat mostly. But I have had a skid loader behind it a couple times. Still tows nicely especially with the e-level.
  7. Not sure how I feel about those 5-8 lug adapters/spacers....I probably woulda just swapped in a Dana 80 dually rearend for piece of mind, especially since you are gonna run dually wheels anyways. But other than that sweet !
  8. I'm in agreement with you as far as the op amps are concerned. I mostly posted the video to show that 0 doesnt always equal 0 and 180 isnt always 180 on every single amp. I'll be honest, ive been doing audio since the early 90's and it never, ever crossed my mind that if i had 2 identical amps with the potentiometers both set to zero that they could be behaving differently. And im sure im not the only person with that mindset. Which brings up this question.......why do the majority of manufacturers use potentiometers for phase adjustment as opposed to a sliding phase inversion switch ? What are the benefits of the potentiometer ? There has to be something right ? I would assume it is a more expensive part than a simple inversion switch, maybe only pennies but with the race to zero every penny counts.
  9. Not necessarily true. This video might be worth watching. Shows a different approach to gain matching, subwoofer wiring, and also shows 2 identical amps with the phase out of alignment on the scope.
  10. It's gonna be a nice ride when it's done. Built a full chassis for it, triangulated 4 link in the rear and used a heidts tubular mustang II front end and crossmember.
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