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  1. Michigan Is a "no fault state" if I'm not mistaken. And regardless of what kind of damage has occurred, structural, cosmetic, mechanical and so on doesnt matter to the insurance company. Damage is damage in their eyes. What does matter to them, bottom line is money......suprised I know! For a vehicle to be totaled the cost of repair must exceed a set percentage of the vehicles value. I have seen it come down to under 10 dollars before.
  2. I static dropped it initially and rolled it for a couple months but that just wasn't getting it. So i blew it back apart and bagged it.....funny how that happens.
  3. I browse the 400 forum occasionally but not a member. And yup, it is a true 1ton that I cut up. I do still tow with it tho, boat mostly. But I have had a skid loader behind it a couple times. Still tows nicely especially with the e-level.
  4. Not sure how I feel about those 5-8 lug adapters/spacers....I probably woulda just swapped in a Dana 80 dually rearend for piece of mind, especially since you are gonna run dually wheels anyways. But other than that sweet !
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