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  1. Ok, I'll look into it, any suggestions for amps? Kind of leaning towards 2 Crescendo 4.5ks. And instead of singer alts think I'm going to get a mechman 370 alt probably 2 eventually
  2. I am going to be building a blow through in my 96' GMC Sierra, there will be 4 Sundown ZV3 15s I plan on running 4+ d3400s and 2 singer alts, but not exactly sure how big of an amp I can really push the subs with, don't want to completely over power them and have to be doing recones on them, I know I can run atleast 6k watts. Any suggestions?
  3. I can get a pair of Sundown ZV3 15s for $400 but, one needs a recone, on the other hand I'm kind of thinking on getting some HDC315s, would be mainly daily/demo build but some comps I would consider doing I would also probably be running a 3.5k or a 4.5k in a half wall build in a 96' GMC Sierra.
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