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  1. I sent you an email a few weeks ago about the reprogramming, but vou havent responded.
  2. Hi everyone. In some new SMD Videos I saw that the AMM-1 displayed the impedance the woofers had in dyno power mode. My AMM-1 has firmware V4.0 and I purchased it around christmas 2015 and doesnt do that. Oddly, some friend of me bought one a few weeks ago and it says its running V3.93. His AMM-1 displays the impedance. So is this a new feature? Why is my version newer but I dont have that feature? Are the AM-1s upgradable? Here is a picture of what I mean.
  3. That still doesnt fix my protection issue. I think I have an broken unit, but I want to make sure I did nothing wrong.
  4. I wrote an email and didnt get any answer. And I dont think he would understand my german-english talking if i phone him.
  5. So thats the type of support you recieve if your 90$ SMD product doesnt work properly? Well thank you.
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  7. No, its clipping at 107V and I cant set it low/high enough to get out of the red zone. It gets in the red zone way to early.
  8. Yep, its a Kove XXXX (10k Class D). But I cant adjust the senitivity low enough to not get the red LEDs. This means they get red way before my amp clips.
  9. Hi, I purchased a OM-1 a few months ago. Now I installed it and it runs... a sort of. I cant adjust the sensitivity low enough. My amp does 107V before Clipping (According to DD-1+) and the OM-1 should be capable of 150V. Also, wenn I run my system my amp will protect at roughly 70% of volume when the OM-1 is connected. Under 70% it works like it should. Is this a known issue or do I have a bad OM-1?
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