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  1. Im gonna try to fit it in my single cab canyon, gonna have to get creative lol. Thinking about going with a Corey Dean recone.
  2. I know man lmao. Thought it was some bs scam or something at first or maybe had a shifted motor and the guy was trying to get it over on somebody. Messaged the guy and I could just tell that he didn't really have a clue what he had.
  3. Picked this Zv4 12 up last night for $50 local. Just has burnt up tinsel leads. The coil still looks fine but I haven't put a dmm to it yet. I thought it was weird that the leads would go like this before the coil. And it just so happens that both the negatives are burnt up, could just be a coincidence idk. Still a good pickup.
  4. Sounds like a fuel pump. But what I came to ask lol, at work looking through the build, great work btw, how does the 90 do at 1 ohm? going to be adding some more mids soon and was goin to buy a 2 channel for the tweets and run all mids off the 90 but if its doing the job well, then maybe not?
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