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  1. Hello First of all sorry for mistakes in my english im from Croatia. As the title says im having little bit of a trouble designing box for my Type x,i tried to make a few designs last year,but it wasn't going wery well because im running this sub in my room so i didn't actually know what type of box would be the best for room or even PA applications so if anyone would help or make a design i would be very grateful. So far he is in a aero port box which i unfortunately don't know the tuning frequency because it's a second hand box,but even tough it's not for this specific sub,he seems to kinda like it,i would say that -3db cutoff is somewhere about 28hz,at 32hz he is absolutely crazy,min excursion,huuge air movement and lots of SPL,i actually would't even build a new box if i were just listening to loww bass music but i do so i need something that will hit those lows but then chest pound at around 50ish hz,which has lots of music that i listen too.Currently driving him with 500Wrms PA amp,but i'll probably upgrade somewhere this year. Any help would be appreciated!