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  1. I seen 4 amps ran to the same sub back in the day. Audiobaghn quadcoil sub with a mono lock per coil. Dude was competing and had 2 15” and 8 Mono blocks so yes it can be done. This was of course back in the day “early 90’s” when high wattage amps where super expensive and not as readily avalable as today. You young guys got it made with all these $1000 dollar 5k’s!
  2. He he turns out he really did Need 3 more batts and a alt. Unless you like smoke coming from your equipment.
  3. Uh no this is not true unless your just playing sign waves like competitors. Impedance rises and FALLS on music and that's why saying (box rise) isn't exact y right. I prefer impedance change as it tells the whole story. If that was the case you could wire at .25 and never worry about dead shorting your amp. Truth is unless you measure all frequency's at all voltage you want know what it's gonna rise or fall to hence why you should never wire below rated impedance unless you know your not gonna dip to low and can support the huge draw. We where talking to Jacob from sundown about this very topic and he explained it pretty much like I just did.
  4. Oh I understand just fine. I'm just used to competitors talking about there actual measured impedance. They can saifly wire lower because there playing tones and can measure impedence and where with music you can't really measure it all and that's why I never recommended wiring below recomended. Problem is impedance falls just as much as it rises on music and you can't always count on it to save your equipment like just playing tones. Don't know how many guys I seen wire to .5ohm then wonder why they fried there amp. UNless your chasing db's I don't think it's worth it.
  5. And I said MAX like that's the most it will ever possibly draw as we all know daily musical builds are dynamic and don't draw any where near what burps do from several factors, i.e. Voltage drop, impedence change, music dynamics and so on. And without knowing all these it's hard to guess his exact draw, we just know it want be over the max of 500amps a amp.
  6. How do you run a amp with low impedance protect below recommended 1ohm without it going into protect? Or did you just wire it to .67 and your impedance went above 1ohm so the amp didn't protect?
  7. Well your gonna be drawing a 1000amps at max so that's a hell of a draw. I'm thinking your either gonna need a huge battery bank like 6 big agm batts or more or dual 320 alt plus the batts you have. Is this for burps or musical? I'm gonna assume 2 5k's ain't gonna be daily musical so probably burps for comps and in that case a bay of starting battery's like the xs power d class is gonna give you huge dumps of power for burps. But if this is a demo vehicle or daily ground pounder I would think your gonna need several batts and dual alts to sustain 10k watts for any length of time. That and several runs of 4/0 2/0 or 1/0 also. Had a friend try and run 2 Memphis 4k's off 22 yellow tops and no high output alt and he still ended up frying both amps. Don't know the exact circumstances but he might have lost charge and voltage dropped to low not sure.