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  1. Hi I am doing the big 3 in my truck and I can't seem to find the frame to motor ground? Please help I need this done by next weekend...or is there a good spot to bolt to on motor and run my own?
  2. Thanks I dont need two runs of ground off alt though right? And are you grounding all your wires on same bolt to frame for your rear bank?
  3. I am going to be running a ct sounds t2500, but right now i am using a hifonics 1100 @ 1 ohm... i purchased a 370amp ho alternator and i would like to know what size fuse to battery for it...im guessing a 350?....and the reason y i got the 370 is because eventually ill be running a endo 5500 @ .5 if your wondering...the ct will be my break in amp for each sub i get until i get enouogh money...one other question when i have both subs and amp should i run another lead from my alternator to rear batteries or just two runs from alt to under hood battery and 2 runs from front batt to rear batts? and for every power run means another ground run or do i just run 1 ground for each battery? sorry for all the questions but i wana do this right and i have never done more than just a single run with no alt or batt upgrades, but i understand the basics...thanks
  4. Only thing about them it isn't weatherproof just a cover on top...not saying water will get in under hood but just in case I don't Wana be blowing fuses
  5. Please help I've seen other systems with them, and I think they look clean and might save some money instead of buying individually?? Thanks
  6. So nadbl is coming to Danbury NH or Sunday, and I will be attending this event for the first time...I read up on it and it doesn't say anything about the big 3 with a stock alt? Will I still be able to qualify for the 1.5k class...It does mention to have reg batt size, can be upgraded as long as it not custom fabricated to fit or over 600 cub. Which I'll be ok in that case....But wasn't sure about the big 3???
  7. So I'm guessing ppl had some bad service from him? And thanks for letting me know before hand
  8. So I actually took a look at these amps a CPL weeks ago and JP actually sells them...You think this would be better than the bc3500, bc they are around the same price range...But JP sells both and he runs cresendo? ...And I know it's a 3800 and not 3500 but for longevity and quality which one?
  9. ^^^ 4 real...Starting working the numbers lol it was scary...Just for 2/0 in bulk is crazy
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