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  1. buildinggam

    Peak db in audacity?

    I'm adjusting the lower frequencies so they fall into a closer range for my sub. For example one of the songs I did has the lowest frequencies as around 44hz I brought the entire pitch of the lower frequencies so 44hz is now 30hz and the rest of the low end will come down with it but to another frequency. Like 44 to 30, 50 to 36 and so on.
  2. Hey everyone, I had a question about messing with songs in audacity, I'm trying to rebass some edm music and was wondering if I use amplify and set the new peak level at 0db and my system is tuned using -10db test tones will I introduce clipping? Like should I set the peak in audacity to -10db?
  3. buildinggam

    Reset the bass knob?

    Yeah, I checked it with my fluke meter, it's at 1ohm. I know it's a weird issue that theoretically shouldn't happen but that's the best way I can describe it. And as soon as I plug the bass knob in the volume of the sub drops
  4. I need to get my sub amp tuned again and was wondering if anyone here new shops that use the dd1 before I just start cold calling places.
  5. buildinggam

    Reset the bass knob?

    Hey everyone, I have a weird question, when you remove an amp and reinstall it do you have to recalibrate the bass knob? Reason I'm asking is I have an Orion xtr 1500.1 and had an American bass xd1244 wired at 2ohms and it would slam. I just installed an FI 12ssd neo wired at 1ohm and it sounds like it's 1/3 of what my other sub played. I had removed my Orion to mock up where to mount it, taking care not to bump the settings because it was set using a cc1 and dd1 but once hooked up the only way I get any volume from my sub is by unplugging the bass knob.
  6. Hello, I'm debating on putting my speaker amp under the floor in my trunk, not in a false floor I used a scrap piece of 3/4 mdf to replace that little cardboard thing used to cover the tire and want to know if I need to install a fan to let air flow. It's a JL Audio J320.4.
  7. buildinggam

    Building a box advice on using jigzaw

    I should have done that, I had left my tape measures at home because I had to remove everything from the trunk to make the wood fit. On a side note I went to a place that sells like reclaimed wood and stuff and they actually had a circular saw for $20. It's a 18v Roybi cordless circular saw, I got the saw and charger and will have to buy a battery.
  8. buildinggam

    Building a box advice on using jigzaw

    I had home Depot cut the parts for my first box, and the board for this one so I could fit it in my car, I'm convinced that they don't teach their employees how to read a tape measure because I asked for 3 32" pieces and when put together all 3 are around 1-1 1/2" off from the other. My last box was so bad because of how off the cuts were. I wanted to do it myself because I felt I could do a better job. I thank everyone for the tips, I will try again going slow.
  9. First I apologise if I'm putting this in the wrong place. I'm trying to rebuild my box because my first go around was pretty bad. The only tool I have to cut wood is a jigsaw, so I made a guide for it to ride against to make sure the cuts are straight but no matter how many times I try the blade walks away from the guide and into my piece. I've changed to a new blade and it still does it. I don't feel like I'm pushing it into the wood and as far as I can tell the base is at 0 and it's not an orbiter saw. I'm just wondering if anyone here would know what im doing wrong. I'm using a Bosch T101B blade that says "for wood" and I'm cutting 3/4" mdf
  10. buildinggam

    Sub died, looking for options

    Instead of making a new thread I wanted to say thanks for the advice, I spoke with Fi over Facebook, gave them my box info and they recommend the SSD neo. I asked what if any we're the differences between the neo and ferrite and this is what they said. "The magnets themselves serve the same purpose. NEO is just stronger pound for pound. As far as the SSD NEO vs. Ferrite SSD - there is more than the magnet change there. The SSD NEO has several improvements to add to the power handling and max output." In the meantime I bought some 8awg and 4awg wire so I can move my amps and fire into the cabin. I'm also going to redo my box because my first attempt though functional looks like shit and is off in a few places, hopefully I'll be able to do better the second time around.
  11. Hey guys, this is not a sell post, I'm just looking for advice about an item. My father passed away recently and I'm mainly doing this to distract myself and to help my mother out with options if money becomes an issue. My father had a pair of klipshorn speakers from sometime in the 80's they are massive encased in wood and are roughly around 4-5ft high and 3-4ft wide. I will add a link to a Google photo of what they look like. I know that they work but haven't been used in a couple of years. But my mother said he paid upwards of $3000 for them in the 80's. My main 2 questions are If we decided to sell them is there any speciality places to post them or do you think Craigslist would suffice? Also if someone bought them and required shipping how does something like that work? Would we handle like wrapping them and making sure they are protected or do shipping companies like take care of everything? Link to photo
  12. buildinggam

    Sub died, looking for options

    Thanks guys, a question about the ssd12 it says rms is 1250 if my amp does end up putting out 1700rms wouldn't I just run into potentially damaging the sub?
  13. Hello everyone, I feel like every 2 weeks I come here with a different question. Sorry for that, I just lost my American bass xd1244 and am looking into replacements. Current box is 1.75 cuft tuned to 32hz, my amp is an Orion xtr1500.1d, my car is a 2012 Altima sedan. I was running the American bass sub at 2ohm and would like to run the next one at 1ohm to maximize the output of my amp. The amp is rated 1500rms at 12.4v but the birth sheet says total rms is 1730, the voltage is not listed. I really don't know what I want for the next setup, I has thought about a couple of 8's in a smaller box so I could have more trunk space, would 8's be able to take that power and not cost an arm and a leg? If not what would be some good brands for 12's that won't really break the bank but take the power of the amp? For budget I'd like to keep it below say $350.
  14. Thanks guys, I actually got a good deal on 0/2 welding cable from tempco on ebay using a 15% off code came out to 2.50/ft shipped
  15. I don't care about brands as long as it's good, I know typical welding wire is around $2.30 a foot and knu has 3 different wire types all with different costs, bassik is .89/ft, kca is $1.65/ft, and the Kolossus is $3.50/ft. Would using the bassik give the same results?