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  1. 👍really nice of you to do that. My window got smashed and system got stolen when I was 16. Could care less about the system as it was covered by insurance. I was more mad about having to sit on glass for the ride home and it was cold as shit. Detroit winter. system looks real nice!
  2. Some help needed please

    If someone that really knows how to build a box can help me out with designing. ill PayPal you for your time.
  3. Some help needed please

    wait so the 2.12 is the cubic ft for the dimensions of the box under the seat now? Sorry I'm terrible when it comes to figuring out cubic ft. If thats the case I'm wondering if I can build a box under the seat and coming up in the center of them. Like where it would end right behind my center console now. If I can get 2.5 cubic ft that way I can throw a sundown 12" and I think that would be loud. Ive never head 4 8's and really would hate to do that and not like it Im totally ok with giving up space. I just didn't want to do a blow through and cut the bed and cab. And I really didn't want to lose the back seat completely. Why I was thinking making a center console type box between the seats after modifying the bench
  4. Some help needed please

    I dont mind spending the money. This isn't my first system and Im not expecting to be beating down the block for $200. I just don't want to buy slim subs only to figure out what I already know. They wont be enough. Most that hear my truck now say its loud. Its not for me at all. When I was 16 my first system was way louder so now 20 years later I can't have a system thats weaker. I will figure out the plan this weekend.
  5. Lifted 2" in front with bilstein 5100's same shocks in rear with factory block removed 22" wheels on 33's not much of a lift
  6. Some help needed please

    I appreciate it bud. This weekend I'm going to go through and do a bunch of measuring. I dont want to rip the back seat out even though the wifey is ok with it lol. Just frustrated right now with this truck and not very happy with the sounds I have.
  7. I don't know it all and I don't claim to. I love learning when I can though. A lot of the time when you call a company asking questions you get treated like your an idiot and your expected to know these things. That wasn't the case here. I just called and talked to Richard. Despite them being extremely busy he talked to me for a good amount of time and schooled me on the RVC system in my truck and what I need to do. I am really impressed with the customer service here. I have used a different company in the past for my dual alternator setup but despite the fact of them being local, Mechman just earned my business. I look forward to placing my order. Thanks again Richard
  8. Some help needed please

    this is making me crazy. Should have never bought a truck. about to rip the damn seat out and call it a day
  9. Some help needed please

    is there a reason you say that? is it for safety?
  10. Some help needed please

    my thoughts are if it is possible for me to get the seats done, use that space and even if needed for more air space make a "T" box using the space under the seats also then mounting the amps and dsp on the back wall. Or if extra space isn't needed ill use the spots under seats to make amp racks
  11. Some help needed please

    exactly what I have heard about the shallow mounts. not to mention that not really cheap. I don't want to buy them and be disappointed. They might be ok for certain people but I know I wont be happy. ok just got home and did some measuring. The box in there now is 7" tall 15.25" deep 50.5" long I also measured the space I would have if I am able to cut the center section of my seat out. if it is possible I would have a space 15.25" wide 44" from front console to rear window and 28" tall.
  12. Some help needed please

    I really appreciate it. I will be home in a few hours. Ill measure it all up and see how much room I have
  13. Some help needed please

    sorry just seen your signature. also I think you having a f150 you have more space under seat to begin with. I might have to raise my seat a lot!
  14. Some help needed please

    are those 10's? what series are those? How much did you have to raise the seat? Not worried about anyone kicking them getting into truck? I could totally see my kids kicking the shit out of them
  15. Some help needed please

    I really don't think I will be happy with 6.5 subs. Never seen that before. Ill get the exact measurements shortly. I think they are roughly .72 cubic feet for each chamber though. Mounting depth is the issue. Right now Im waiting on my upholstery guy to get back in the shop to see if he can cut out the center of rear seat and still be safe. Knowing how I am I really think having 2-3 12's ported is what I will be happy with. I like loud. And I don't want to keep doing this over and over and wasting more money. I wish I never even touched this damn truck!