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  1. not trying to fight i have always been this way its how i learn from my mistakes dont take it personaly when i do bass competition i use test tones to get my dbl so having mids and highs wouldent help me at all so i dont bother unless im wrong
  2. i am only running one amp not 2 but i dont think that matters does it and what size fuse do you run very nice info i do like how he made thoes cables
  3. wait whats wrong with the ones i have in my car now besides the wires being to damn long lol
  4. hmm what termeral do you suggest i should get there is so many of them its hard to deside whats your opinion on them
  5. i looked at the for and wow he did a amazing job on his build but the problem is the box is to big for me to mount my batteries the same as his in my trunk but the termenals he has i want to get there awsome looking and would work out great for me
  6. well i would love to no what needs to be redone so i can fix my mistakes and make my self better as a installer and tell me what gear you recommend for my needs that would help a whole lot
  7. my list of my experience and history of having subs i had 2 kicker comp vr 12s on a 1200 kicker amp in a sealed box doing 146 in a trunk. same speakers were in a dodge neon doing almost 147 what was funny is i gone to the last car wars down in hollywoody florida and the meter was so uncalabrated it said i hit a 151 lol and the other funny part was the guy had to sit in the car with me and point the mic at the windowshield lmao and i won the compete and got 500$ and a trophie for it and ppl are so pissed and confused at the same time but it was fun non the less also had 2 soundstream splx 12D2 on a x3.71 soundstream amp added 2 batteries and stuff in the same sealed box yes i inverted them and yes the box was the bottleneck of the system and yes i blow the subs b/c of that box but i did a 144 with them sad day at SBN but loud non the less also lol my next build was in a acrua 2003 3.2TL with 2 cresendo forte 12D2 on the same x3.71 soundstream amp(R.I.P) and this time i had a nice ported box which was made for SA-12 from what i gather but i was doing 146-147s with them and there only entry level subs but blown the amp. that thing was a monster. but replace it with a scar RP2000.1 mono and i was still doing it 146s with a smaller amp but blown mosfet in it b/c it cant handle the 0.5ohm load i was thrown at it but fans are your friend i found out lol anyways i gone to my first car show in years and for some reason idk if it was b.c it was ranning cold but i did a 144 i was pissed. so after words i started trying to figure out what why and found out 1 of my batteries in my trunks was bad so i replaced it. then i started to upgrade my system new amp speakers couldent handle the banda blown them lol and now im have the scar vxf 12D2 facing in to the cab i no what you all might say the best i can probably do is 147-148 but hey my goal is getting closer and closer maybe a better tuned box need to get that checked out lol also a better but now with good gear the only thing i need to focus on is the little stuff like sound deading and stuff like that i want that 150dbl its so close i can taste it but yet so far yes i no i need a bigger alt im still looking in to that im thinking 250amp+ alt im seeing in the future
  8. if you look at the pics i posted the subs and port are facing forward in to the cab i already priced out a 250amp alt and how would i hook up the second run of 1/0 in my trunk never ran that much before so im curious i also priced out sound deading
  9. oh i no and i been chasing my 150dbl for almost 5-10 years now add and upgrading as i see fit. i want my car to be competition/family car since its the only car i have and to stay stock as much as possable with these new subs i have i have no idea what the dbl i am doing now with them i need to get them metered for sure so i no what i am doing and go from there i will add a video of them playing so you can see what it sounds like but please if you think of anything i can do to help me make it to 150dbl i would sure like to no if you anyone please tell them to come my way and help
  10. ya i no its a messy job but before i redo the entire wireing i want to add the stuff to add dbl as i redo the wiring
  11. oh it is hitting really hard the car wants to fall apart i want to get as much out of it as i can so i can reach my goal of 150dbl the wire is ofc i did add a few pics for you to take a look at
  12. i have already ran that amp at .5ohms and had to send it in for repairs thru a audio place i no for blown mosfets lol now thats a bad ass amp it the same price as i payed for my banda amp the wolf on it really draws me to it
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