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  1. looking for new amp

    My old system was was ran with a capacitor and my negative grounded down burning out my amplifier ...I'm installing batteries with the new amp, lesson learned my budget is $600 or lower if possible .. keep in mind I also had purchase 2 lvl 4s dc audio 15 inch/used and one needs to be reconed my local dealer charges $275 for service ,I'm looking for an amp that I can push my lvl 3 @ the moment and in future be pushing the lvl 4s using the new amp. My old amp was an SPL 5500W amplifier and was powerful the the lvl 3s so I couldn't get the full power from my amp turned down and sadly they discontinued the amp to repurchased ,
  2. Looking for a new amp I'm pushing two level 3 dc audio 15 inch subs I last amp burned up any recommendations on a new amp I was looking at the dc audio 3.5k but I'm on a budget at the moment.